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I have an affiliate site I've set up like an E-commerce site which reviews products in my niche. It has about 120 products with about 100-500 words reviewing each product. Right now, according to the Google Search Console, my search results have an average position of 9.6 yet my click through rate is a measely 0.7%! Is this typical when you're on Page 1 or 2 and you're competing with the bigger boys in the E-commerce space like Amazon, Etsy, Walmart, etc?

For contrast, I have two other sites which are blogs. They both have an average SERP ranking of about 30-40 (but are targeting some very high volume terms) and yet, they receive a CTR of about 4% and 6% respectively. (The site with a 6% CTR is ranking #1-2 for a particular search term which is bringing in maybe 1/3 of its total traffic.)

Do the numbers look right for my E-commerce / Review site? At this point, I'm thinking about split testing the Meta Titles and Descriptions to hopefully boost my CTR but I'm wondering if this is a lost cause if I'm competing against Amazon and other big boys?
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