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Hi Everyone,

On my website page the content length is 250-300 words per page, is this enough or we should increase its limit? What are minimum & maximum content limit for the web pages?
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    I would say 250-300 is barely getting by. Would I really consider it enough, no..but it would probably do. I would say 300 minimum is good, but you should be aiming for 500+ words to have a nice long article.
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    Some webmasters may consider that 300-500 words are necessary for each post. But I don't think so. As long as the post serves its true purpose with valued information word limit is not a factor to think to.
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    There are no limits.

    Write what you need to create good content.
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    There is no limite on a page content : Minimum zero words, maximum infinite number of words. Now there are two factors that you need to take into account if you're asking the question on an SEO point of view.
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    The 'good-practice' limits are from 213 to 1593 words, still these are totally approximate and may vary from niche to niche. This is more of a limit you probably shouldn`t or exceed and vice versa; but to find the reasonable amount of content for your pages you should refer to the specifics of the pages (you won`t put the same amount of text into the article and on your product or category page). You can also analyze the winning pages for your target keywords to see the proven solution and to check what actually makes sense in that niche.

    I can also recommend you trying WebsiteAuditor - I love its module for analyzing the competitors. It collects the competitors for the keywords you enter and then analyzes the pages to provide the stats like min/max and average keywords usage, word count, etc. Surely, you don`t have to strictly follow the calculated advice, but it`s quite handy to refer to those stats and to see the page-specific recommendations. Hope this may help you!
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    Its okay to start with that limit and you can then increase the limit as you see effects,
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    Although there is no word count limit but it is considered as the longer / detailed posts can gain higher positions in search results (also have the chances of being re-shared and reach large number of audience ), besides you do not compromise the post quality just to increase the word count.
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    Some web masters might consider that 200-400 words are required for every single post. But I do not think so. Provided that its true intent is served by the post with advice that is appreciated term limit isn't an issue to presume to.
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    in my opinion a minimum posts must have at least 400-500 words, a quality content needs to have 700 words and normally my posts are on 1000 words because it's quite effective. If you are really serious and want long-term activity, each article should have 1500-2000 words.
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