Make Google Visit Your Site More Often: 10 Essential Tips for Increasing Your Crawl Rate

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Your crawl rate is a good indicator of how well your page is doing in the virtual realm. If you are getting regular and recurrent visits by the crawler, you can consider it a sure sign that your site has been noticed by the search engine. And being noticed by the search engines and identified as more important and relevant than other similar sites generates greater number of visits.

Although there are no guaranteed ways in which you can ensure visits by the search engine bots, what you can do is invite them to come more frequently. The visibility of your site is of crucial importance if you want it to succeed, so make sure you employ the following techniques outlined in this article.

1. Fresh content
Your site has higher chances of being noticed by Google and other search engines if you are updating it with new unique information regularly. It would be good to try and add new creative content as often as possible since that will generate more views. Daily update would be optimal, but if that is not feasible, try to post new content every three days. An easy and affordable way to do this would be to add new content through a blog on your website, which is simpler and easier than adding new web pages constantly, and it yields the same results. There is also another benefit to this: if you are updating your site regularly with unique and interesting content, your visitors will notice it, and come more frequently to check out if there is anything new.

2. Page load time
Search engine bots only have a limited time to visit your page, so you should use it wisely. If the bot has to go through a lot of load heavy content, such as PDF files or huge images, then it will spend less time going to your other pages, that you actually want crawled.

3. Ping power
A good way to directly alert search engines of your new content would be to add automatic pinging to your site. This will give you a better chance of getting your content noticed as soon as it has been posted.

4. Ensure optimal 'crawlability'
In order to get the best results, you need to make sure that your web site functions well technically. Do everything you can to make it easier for the search engine bot to crawl your page. This includes making sure your server works correctly, fixing any potential crawl errors, make your web site faster, optimize its various performance areas and all the other technical details that might help your web site become a more popular destination for search engine bots.

5. Monitor your crawl speed
You can use Google Webmaster Tools to monitor and optimize your crawl speed. Monitoring and analyzing your crawl stats is important, because it gives you a better picture of what works and what does not in attracting search engine bots to your page. If you figure out you have issues with search engine bots not crawling your site effectively, then you should consider manually changing your crawl rate to faster, which will give the bots the opportunity to crawl more of your web content.

6. Block access to unwanted pages
A very effective way to get the bots to crawl more of your web site is to block all the unnecessary pages, such as admin and back-end pages. These pages do not get indexed anyway, so in this context they represent a loss of time that could be otherwise spent on crawling other content. You can use Robots.txt for this purpose, and do so with a few very simple steps.

7. Avoid duplicate content
Duplicate content brings trouble, so it is best to avoid it all together. You can do so by checking the internal link structure and making sure there is no duplicate content that gets returned via different URLs. One of the more obvious disadvantages of duplicate content is that the time the crawler spends on them will not then be used to visit your actual unique content. Or, simpler: it decreases crawl rates. Having duplicate content can also result in your site being banned, or your ranks decreasing. For all of these reasons, it is a good idea to get rid of the duplicate content, and also to verify that there is no duplicate content on your web site.

8. Create sitemaps
Creating sitemaps is a good way to get your site discovered fast by search engine bots. There are very simple tools available online that you can use to create and submit your sitemap.

9. Connect your site through social networking services
Although there is some debate about the effectiveness of this method, many webmasters report that that connecting their web sites through sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and even Google+ has helped them generate more crawl visits from search engine bots, so it is definitely worth a try. Adding a Twitter search widget or your Twitter profile status can also help you with getting fresh content on your site regularly.

10. Link your site
Getting your site noticed by the search engines could be as simple as getting more backlinks from the sites you know are regularly crawled. High quality backlinks can help improve the crawl rate and the indexation speed of your site.

As you have seen, you can do many things to make it easy for search engine bots find your site and crawl it, and thus increase the popularity of your web site. If you already spent time and energy building your web site, and creating original and interesting content, then it is only fair that your site get noticed by the search engines. It is up to you if you will choose to follow the advice presented here, but using these simple tips should enable you to get more visits from the search engine bots, and consequently more hits than ever before!
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  • Profile picture of the author TomWest
    Thank you for these valuable tips!
    I agree that content should be updated frequently.
    Page load time is also plays very important role as no one wants to wait more than a minute to see the page!
    Social networks can generate you more crawl visits!
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    • Profile picture of the author bvwall
      Originally Posted by TomWest View Post

      Thank you for these valuable tips!
      I agree that content should be updated frequently.
      Page load time is also plays very important role as no one wants to wait more than a minute to see the page!
      Totally. Sites that take forever to load just drive me nuts
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    Informative Post!! I knew all other things but pinging the content is new for me. after read your post I have searched for it and new more about it. Thank you!
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  • Profile picture of the author HayleyS
    All the tips shared through your post make sense! Especially, I agree with avoiding duplicate content, because duplicate content decreases crawl rates and it can also result in the search engine banning a site or lowering a ranking.
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    A lot of people gets confused about whether their identical content in different pages is plagiarism or not. So I would request for a sole post on duplicate content However, very useful post. Thanks a lot

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