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In this article we will cover some aspects of how to select awesome keywords for your business as well as consider several website tools used for searching the right words and phrases. The primary objective of website promotion is generating theme-based traffic from search engines. Applying this comprehensive guide, you will see your website rocket to the top providing constant customer flow, high sales, therefore bringing sustainable profit.

Let us start with some tools to help you select appropriate keywords:

1. Google Keyword Planner

It is a freebie which serves as a great helper in choosing keywords from Google search engines. To use this tool, you will need to have a Google AdWords account.
First, choose "Tools" then click on "Keyword Planner":
To search for keywords using Google Planner two methods may be used:

A. Standard keywords selection
- Choose language
- Required region
- Use negative keywords if necessary
- Review suggested words by Google
There will be two tabs "Ad group ideas" and "Keyword ideas". Although many people are tempted to go straight to see the keywords, ad groups is often a good place to find excellent search words. Moreover, they are all organized in groups based on niches.

What do you do next?
  • - Analyze
  • - View options
  • - Collect information

You may place the words directly into Excel if you are used to working with Excel files. Next, you need to organize the words into proper categories:
  • - Compile keywords by pages
  • - Compile semantic kernel
Although these may vary based on themes, groups of keywords can be organized for:
  • - Homepage
  • - Main landing pages
  • - Information queries

B. Another method you can apply is analyzing the keywords used by your competitors.
This method is often mistakenly neglected by many SEO specialists. Let us look at its advantages.

First steps to follow:
  • - Enter top search query in Google
  • - Choose most popular websites
  • - Copy then paste the links into Google Planner
Using this method it is possible to find many low-competitive search terms, which are not usually found by Google Planner applying the first method mentioned above.
The result is appropriate keywords most often requested by website viewers, which can be easily ranked TOP.

Using this method you are advised to focus on:
  • - Level of competition - low
  • - Average number of monthly search queries > 100

When it comes to commercial themes, you can find pertinent keywords, optimize your web page based on those words, consequently attract visitors with little effort.

2. SemRush

SemRush is a great tool for selecting keywords as well as analyzing competitors. Two main reasons to use SemRush are that it is convenient and it contains comprehensive data.

First, go to then type in the primary search term. After doing so, over 300 000 search words will be available. You may view keywords based on search queries volume, cost per click or select keywords and see groups of required words by niche.
Although this service is not free, it is worth every penny, as it will save you plenty of time spent on manually compiling keywords. It is also convenient as all TOP websites can be viewed and analyzed based on given search words right off.

In the end you can:

- Compile an extensive kernel
- Use keywords for promotion and optimization
- Find something new from competitors
Using SemRush, semantic kernel is compiled as follows:
- Collecting main words
- Collecting low-range queries (those that have less than 100 searches/month)
- Distribution over landing pages

3. Soovle collects keywords from such websites as Wikipedia, Google,, YouTube, Bing and others.
As a result, numbers of apt search terms will be discovered by, which may not even be found by Google Keyword Planner.
Here you type in low-range queries and obtain a wide choice of various keywords.
In addition, this service is used for making content plans as well as generating website articles ideas. can provide fresh ideas and become an excellent supplement to your keyword list.

4. SECockpit

This is another great tool for choosing search terms. It is also paid, but in fact it is quite advantageous in compiling semantic kernel for promotion.

What settings you may use:
  • - Google AdWords synonyms
  • - Synonyms of similar search results
  • - Tag Results
Indeed, this service is perfect for those who promote content-based projects. It provides a plethora of search terms to use in articles or various sections.
Also, you can see available domain names for keywords, which is very convenient for those who search for domain including a keyword. However, one should be aware of Google algorithm called EMD.

EMD - exact match domain filter

This factor affects web ranking. While many people used this option before for that reason, today, however, EMD must be taken into consideration, so in the long run your website would not end up filtered.
Furthermore, you can use domains which are ranked TOP based on required search results. In SECockpit you can see a full picture of competitor's domains and useful low-range search words. This service contains a great variety of options. It is also quite beneficial for compiling semantic kernel.

5. Google Correlate

This is another tool provided by Google, which helps find search terms correlating with current trends.

How does this service come in useful for compiling semantic kernel?
It is quite simple. You can see various search results which include your primary search terms. These results show as trends, which may be used for promotion and attract more visitors to your website.

6. Quora

With Quora you may discover an abundance of article ideas, article headlines as well as view most searched for topics.

If you constantly monitor your niche, there is also an option to subscribe for an update based on a particular keyword.

Creating a website semantic kernel

After selecting keywords by means of the above tools, the words have to be classified. This may be done while selecting the words or afterwards.
Steps to follow:
  1. - Choose 5-10 keywords for every section
  2. - Choose 3-10 keywords for an article
  3. - Keywords must lead only to the landing page

For example:
  • Recipes - homepage
  • Chicken recipes - section
  • Fried chicken recipe - sub-section
  • Grilled chicken sandwich recipe - an article or recipe

In fact, either semantic kernel is large or small it depends on the overall project. Applying above tools and recommendations, you will select appropriate search terms for your website.
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