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How can i increase my visitors and only unique visitors ? please give me suggestions
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    Hi. To increase your visitors, you can do :
    SEO website with some longtail keyword
    Get traffic from Facebook, G+, Twitter ..v.v
    Use Email marketing
    Add more new good content on your site
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    Originally Posted by happy940 View Post

    How can i increase my visitors and only unique visitors ? please give me suggestions
    Start here:

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    To get more visitors you must sharing your content on various social media platforms and and be active on that platforms. Also try to share quality and useful content that get more visitors. For that you can search on various sites that helps you to find trending topics that more popular on audience. Participates on forums and do commenting on other post or blogs.
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    you should post your website on social network.
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    Firstly, focus on the ON Page of your website. It matters a lot in the ranking of your website in search engines. Next which is very important is the OFF Page task which can augment its reach in different corners of the world rapidly.

    Must focus on the customization and the easiness of your website so that it can block the viewers for a long time and can covert them into a potential customers of your business.
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    Write more quality contents and build more traffic with the use of your social accounts. Optimize your site with both on-page and off page SEO
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  • Use quality content and make sure to promote it properly on various platforms. Without distribution of content, you can't expect more visitors to your website.
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    Use Google Adwords.
    Paid ads will bring unique visitors faster than other methods
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    Most importantly, give them what they are looking for! Tricky and misinformation is great maybe for short term gain but if you plan to stay in the game for the long haul and want that one website to do well over a long period of time then give users what they are looking for, at the very least offer a certain amount for free and offer subscription paid services for more content & features.
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    Unique visitors help to measure a website's popularity. Here I would like to share three simple steps which can help you to increase a number of unique visitors to a website:
    - give a good first impression about your website, because websites with good impressions can not only get other people's attention, increase conversion and returning traffic, but it can also help you gather more unique visitors;
    - try to maximize sharing ability at all possible legitimate cost, because the more you share, the more you are exposed to other viewers;
    - be sure that your domain name is memorized easily by your viewers.
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