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I rank in the top couple of positions on Google for my keywords for my niche site, but recently another site that is lower in the rankings has gotten feature in a Google "question box" for the top volume keyword phrases and I'm losing all my traffic to that site. The other site is also using the exact products I list, so even when users come to the page, they're not clicking because they've already seen similar content.

Any ideas on how to beat the Google question box?

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    Can you kindly tell me what is exactly the Google Question box? But if this is related to organic then I would suggest you do regular update on your website with valuable content which will increase the crawl rate and get some places ranking progress

    One of the most essential areas of SEO which you are going to be concentrating on would be link building. The reason behind this is mainly because search engines weigh a great deal of their decision-making in terms of the position you rank depending on precisely how many links you have pointing to your site.
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      Thanks seopurba. Sorry, I should have written "Google quick answer box". It's like Google's "featured snippets.
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