Duplicate content on my own blogs, do or do not?

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Hey warriors, Ive just completed what I feel to be a pretty good informative blog post ready for submission. My dilema is that I have 2 seperate blogs within the same general niche that the visitors from both blogs would benefit from. So my question ... is it safe (for lack of a better word)to place the post on both blogs even though it will only rank for one of them? will there be some sort of penalty by having duplicate content on my own sites? I saw a post about this several weeks ago but couldn't locate it to see what the answer to the question was. Any feedback is appreciated
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    I would not take the chance. Since you wrote it then it would not take much to change it up so it would pass copy scape
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    Considering how sensitive Google has gotten since the Hummingbird update, it doesn't really pay to mess with Duplicate Content.

    The only sites I know that can get away with dupe content are huge BRANDED sites with thousands of pages and tons of SERP results.
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    Hi Bob

    Yes I agree with the others. It really would take very little to change your post around so that it passes Copyscape. you could even put the link through Copyscape a few times, re-writing until is passes as original content. You could also give it a new title and some different images to individualize it.

    Good luck with it

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    Would you be able to update it so that is suitable to be used for another post, but for a slightly different topic.

    If there is any risk of it being duplicate, I would alter it so that it's unique.
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    A big No to same content in multiple sites.
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    Well there's a thing called curated content in which you just copy the whole content from other site and display in yours many websites do that and rank up.

    See here comes an interesting things if you keep on doing that then you will be in trouble but if thats just a seasonal thing then you wont have any troubles.
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    google sometimes confusing, duplicate content can still be gain ranks but don't good for user
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