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Hi All,

I have something I'd like to get some advice on. I'm pretty new to SEO so I apologize in advance if this is information I could have gotten elsewhere. Essentially I have a site where I need to get a lot of links indexed, like shooting for about a million for now. Right now it seems about 30,000 of them are indexed by google, so that's good but it's just not growing fast enough. Basically what I want the site to be is like a yelp for houses, where users can write reviews and talk about houses they've rented or owned. I'm trying to get the links indexed such that when you search for a given address it shows up on the first page just like Zillow, Redfin etc. It seems to be working for the links that have been indexed, at this point I just need to get more links indexed. I don't think google is considering these duplicates at this point due to the fact that it's continuing to index the links. At this point I have a page like this:

Which basically has a directory of addresses underneath it. Google is currently crawling through these but the rate is kind of slow and seems to fluctuate. I've read about how to speed this up and a couple suggestions were more inbound links, and making your pages load faster. I wanted to see if anyone has any other suggestions or if there's a better way I can be going about this.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also just FYI I'm aware the site is not that great right now. The plan is to see if I can drive some traffic to the site and then try to improve the UI and add features and whatnot. Thanks in advance.
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    I had to check the calendar.

    It's not April 1. It's not Feb 29.

    First of all, you don't mean links, I gather. You mean pages.

    Good luck with that.

    Do you really think zillow, amazon, youtube, etc. has a page ( er...'link.') for each address, item, or video?

    You do not know how the internet works.

    What you need to do is sell the idea to someone who can come up with the next facebook....homebook.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Those pages have no content, 1,000s of Google Map iframes isn't content. Don't be surprised If Adsense shuts your account down.

    ...and don't be surprised If the site gets deindexed on Google SERPs.
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