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Hi Friends,

I am searching for the https://www.example.com/index.php version of my website but it shows 404 error.

My question here is whether i need to redirect the above url to root domain or not???

I think the php file is not created.
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    Does your site even have an index.php page in the first place?

    404 error is the error you get when you are trying to reach a URL that does not exist.
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    Virtually all servers are set up to look for index.php. index.html, index.asp, index.htm, etc.

    It's a server setting.

    If visitor is forwarded to normally index.php if it exists.
    If it does not exist, then it goes to index.html, and on down the line.

    You would not get a 404 error unless the index.php did not exist.

    That's YOUR problem. Create one.

    There is normally no reason to ever 301 to an index.php, as that is the default setting on virtually all servers for regular Joes.

    If you have both an index.html and an index.php, then the preferred one set up by the server will load.

    This is not a 301.

    Many websites do not want either index.php or index.html as their index page.

    So they 301 to whatever page they want to load when typing in domain.com

    You don't even know any of this, and you ask about forwarding to the root domain.

    Questions like these are caused because people don't learn how websites, servers, and the internet work.

    It's a magical world, people. Just start learning before you call yourself a webmaster of some domain.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Hey just update your .htaccess file for redirection index.php to root domain
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    There's no need to do anything, That page is not a thing that will rank anywhere and no visitor will land to it.
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