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hello nowadays i seen many of them talking about AMP ( Accelerated Mobile Pages ) to rank higher. but using some plugins its easy to add AMP in wordpress but difficult to add in html5 website. Is it necessary to add AMP or stay with normal responsive website is there any advantages using AMP please give me the idea.
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    Mobile web usage has over taken the desktop usage, at least in search. This does not necessarily mean that mobile has killed the desktop, but there is no doubting that mobile is massively important for any website.

    In some ways developing for mobile is actually easier. Smartphones are relatively new compared to desktop computers and so the browsers on them are much more standards compliant, and there is often not as much need to code around legacy versions of Internet Explorer, like you have to on the desktop.The users are also much more prepared to blame their mobiles when a browser is slow or doesn't load, rather than blaming the website.

    benefits of AMP :-

    1. Its supported by companies such as Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.
    2. Rather than having to hide slow-loading features of your website on mobile devices to speed up the loading time, you can now include them all even videos and hi-resolution imagery.
    3. Utilizing AMP can be more cost-effective at creating a fast-loading website than hiring a developer to work directly on your website.
    4. It enables you to monetize your website with smart-ads.
    5. High levels of caching mean your content can be served quickly no matter where in the world the visitor is located.
    6. Analytics can be installed which give you valuable data about your visitors and the top-performing pages on your website.
    7.It can be integrated into several existing content management systems, for example WordPress.
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    AMP techniques will help in optimizing the load time and wil make you pages load easily. So that will effect in rankings also but its upto you.
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    Normally the web browsing in Mobile devices is slow compared to the desktops. As the name suggest AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a technique to fasten the web browsing by serving the cached pages from the servers nearest to the users geo location.

    So this can certainly improve user experience and the visitors will love to stay longer or come back again to AMP powered site.
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