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How effective is posting articles to reddit for off page? What are some effective ways to market your articles?
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    Originally Posted by yagobi21 View Post

    How effective is posting articles to reddit for off page? What are some effective ways to market your articles?

    Not very.

    It's really only good for direct traffic. Most sub-reddits are going to delete your stuff as spam though.
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    They haven't deleted my articles though and it's probably because the content is very niche specific. What are some effective ways to market my articles then?
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    Aslong as its relative to the niche and its actually content and not just spam. Alot of people on the internet can tell spam between real content.

    My suggestion is to maybe post around in that niche, wait until something comes up relative to a post or a page you have and comment about it. If you feel like you have a good enough post, or whatever, you could post it in reddit. Keyword here is QUALITY
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    Thanks for the input. So I've been writing articles for this niche subreddit and people seem to respond okay to my articles. I don't have a ton of Karma points but people seem to find some of my articles useful. My question to you is: If I posted an article for this niche and it offended a bunch of the people who hang out in the subreddit is that bad? The article ended up getting 27 comments BUT I had a TON of hate on it. The article was meant to be funny and not offensive. With that being said, it has driven the most traffic to my blog out of all the articles. What are your thoughts?
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    Reddit can be absolutely insane for sending traffic, providing you share something of good quality. The community there hates spam and they actively seek it out and report the OP. If you share genuinely good content in the right subreddit, you may receive some good benefits from it.
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    From experience it depends on several factors.

    1. The subreddit you post it to. Posting it to r/pics or the other general subreddits is a crapshoot. You may get insane traffic but it really depends on whether it will click. I find it way better if you post in a subreddit that is related to your market, however even if this subreddit exists already its another question if anybody is active on it.

    2. The content. Reddit users are famously hostile to anything that looks spammy. Best bet is to create original content that is RELEVANT to the subreddit you are posting it to. But then, this is again very dependent on the culture of the subreddit.

    As with always, when you do these things, its best to set goals and measure how your actions measure up to the goals you set.
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    It's difficult to post your own articles even if it is well written, and professional. Usually mods only allow bigger sites on their section. Which sucks if you legitimately have a good article you want to share.

    It happened to me in the past.
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    Reddit is not as effective as other methods. I use SEO and social media marketing in marketing my articles, and its pretty great.
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      What do you mean you use SEO? Like fully optimizing the on-page SEO of the article or are you referring to off-page efforts? I also use social and technically Reddit is considered social to google. I use Facebook and boost my posts and that has worked out pretty well. Your thoughts are appreciated.
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    Posting an article on Reddit is one of the best ways to reach your targeted audience quickly. As Reddit has huge popularity, one can share information of their website through their blog cleverly. The popularity of Reddit can prove beneficial for your website to boost its rank in search engines. It will augment the readers of your website instantly.
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    We can get our target audience quickly by posting the article in reddit
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    article in reddit, i never post article in reddit. i am just bookmark my link there..
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    I don't have so much luck with reddit, because I don't have so much of Karma points. I do share posts on reddit and it does not brink me so much of traffic. Other Social networks works great for me.
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