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According to Content Marketing Institute, marketers these days generate unprecedented amount of content.

If youre deploying your own strategy or just hopping on a content train, youd need strong content marketing plan to follow if you want to beat competition.

Ive analyzed over 50 competing companies that take content seriously and outlined their strategies.

That gave me an in-sight on ROI-oriented content that my competitors use in paid search which helped me to build my own content plan.

Analyzing more than 20k keywords combined, 2k landing pages and reading articles that would last me a lifetime, this method helps to understand:

a. to what pages and categories your competitors drive paid traffic. This enables you to take an educated guess on what spheres they focus more.
b. what landing pages your competitors use quickly. Youll have all of them parsed in no time and ready to be borrowed.
c. competitors content plan. Based on the articles written you could lead similar researches.
d. what keywords your competitors use in ads.

Since cracking your competitors sites is tedious and illegal, we need a tool that can estimate metrics in content. Some websites show their own statistics to attract advertisers so you can get some data there. Im using Serpstat so Ill show you how its done with this tool. Other useful tools to use are Ahrefs, Similarweb, Buzzsumo.

1.Enter your direct competitor's domain in the tool, and go to PPC Research > Domain vs. Domain:

2. After you put your competitors in fields and press the Compare button, you'll have all PPC data on up to three of your competitors which you can export and work with sheets:

Youll have full lists of paid keywords with all their metrics (CPC, Volume, Competition) to analyze.

Note that this tool also provides links to landing pages for each keyword along with texts used in context ads.

3. Export data for as many of your direct and close-to-direct competitors as possible to have a wider grasp.

Use this force wisely

No, seriously! Even with your best content plan ready it will be useless if youre not optimizing it. Give your newly fetched pages link juice managing interlinking, using proper titles and putting good links to it, and soon enough youll reap what you sow.
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