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Hi Everyone,

Whenever I try to make an account on Reddit , they banned me. I don't understand the process , can anyone tell me how do I avoid ban?
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    Chances that you are registering accounts from the same ip. Make sure you read the sub-reddit rules, as Reddit has a history of banning accounts.
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    May be they have marked your ip as spam because you are creating too many accounts at a time.
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    They must have stored your IP address.
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    Simple. Stop spamming. That is the only reason they would ban you.
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    There are many reasons for getting ban in the Reddit account.

    *Posting too many links at the same time
    *Doing spamming the website by posting comments to promote your website
    *Giving upvotes to your own submissions from your second or fake account
    *If your comments or submissions would harass a user
    *Asking other users to upvote your sumbissions
    *Posting irrelevant submissions on the subreddit.
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    Try creating and account using a proxy IP to check if that gets banned too. If so, your IP will be the problem.
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