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I work with a small marketing agency and we're looking for a tool that could meet some really specific requirements. Maybe you guys can give suggestions?

Scenario: We want to send an SEO proposal to prospects which would contain a keyword rankings report and how much their website traffic would increase if they move a page up or a few notches higher in search results.

The tool we're looking for should deliver these results:

1. What keywords our prospects are ranking for
2. What their positions are for those keywords
3. What the search volume is for those keywords
4. Estimate of website traffic increase if they move a page/s up (From Page 5 to Page 2 or something like that)

This tool must be able to generate a csv or pdf report or provide API access.

We have ahrefs but the keyword positions are not up to date, unless you upgrade your plan which is very expensive for us. What tools do you know of?

I would appreciate your recommendations. Thanks!
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    Hi Ransom,

    If you search online seo tool you will find lots of seo tools.But i think all tools doesn't give exact accurate results for keyword ranking.So for keyword ranking reports i think it will be better to check manually.

    Digital marketing freelancer maintaining USA business email list database portal.And research and update weekly so that data must be accurate

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    you need to go with semrush tool it is one of the best tool for seo till to date.

    Top mobile app, games, and web development company in India AIS Technolabs

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    I also expect answers like you.
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    Originally Posted by Ransom101 View Post

    4. Estimate of website traffic increase if they move a page/s up (From Page 5 to Page 2 or something like that)

    That is easy to answer. On page 5, you are getting zero visitors. On page 2, you are probably still getting zero visitors.

    Problem solved.
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    First, you need to step back and look at what you're selling... You're not selling SEO. Business owners don't wake up and think. "I need SEO."

    What you're really selling is more actual humans with money visiting their web site or physical store.

    Second, I believe the "Golden Era" of "completely automated" tools is pretty much over. (Thank God!) Some things can be automated. Most things need to be done manually for lasting results.

    If you want to get more humans to your clients' sites, you're going to need to tweak "on page" factors and then focus on content marketing (Facebook, PInterest, YouTube, Instagram, Blog Posting and Article Marketing). This is going to involve an outlay of cash each and every month. You cannot hire $1 Article Writers and expect to get good results for your clients.

    You can get definite answers for questions 1-3 using a variety of tools.

    Number 4... You cannot get an estimate of "website traffic increase" in general.

    But, I pretty much agree with MikeFriedman. Going from Page 5 to Page 2 will probably get your clients no more visitors... On a rare occasion, you will get a couple clicks per month on page 2. Those are going to be few and far between.

    In the end, if you're not in the top few listings on Page 1... You're pretty much out of luck.
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    I would Recommend Ahrefs although it is a little expensive it does what you would need and its worth every penny.
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  • We are using SEO Powersuite for auditing website and checking ranking. But we can't find monthly searches of keywords, estimated website traffic increase when we push our website to 5 page to 1st page. Price will be low when compare to SEMrush. Ahref is backlink analysis tool. It's also best one.
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    you need to go with moz tool it's one of the best tool for seo till to date.
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    SemRush will help you, but don't send just SemRuch reports to your clients.
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    There are several tools available in the market such as Moz Tool, Semrush tool. however maximum requirement can be fulfilled by google keyword planner tool which is free and open source.
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  • Profile picture of the author Adam Roth
    There is only weak correlation between ranking and CTR. You could acquire a million backlinks, jump a term up a bunch of ranks and see no improvement in website traffic at all since you still have the same crap title and Mets tags.

    Get rid of ahrefs all u need is your brain and webmaster tools, excel, and this chart
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    I think you can use semrush to track better.
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    For keyword research you can use
    1)long tail pro (paid)
    2) Semrush (free and paid)
    3) keyword finder(free and paid)

    My website best framing nailer

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    Neither of these tools give you accurate result and competition. better you ca check manually. but these tools help you so much and make easy your task

    My website best framing nailer

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  • Profile picture of the author Ransom101
    Thanks for all your recommendations. Ideally, we are looking for one tool which would allow us to just generate pdf quickly, instead of getting data from multiple tools. We want to do it in a way that it's almost automated. At the moment, we are not in the position to be able to allocate time for each prospect and manually create a report. These are neither paying clients nor warm leads so we would like to save on time as much as possible.

    I understand #4 may really be tricky to answer.
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  • Profile picture of the author Uchiha Itachi
    I appreciate the Ahrefs but surely 3 following tools will still be useful to you, I used it's simple and very effective.
    SEMRush, smallseotools and MOZ
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