Where Are These Links Coming From?

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I have an E-commerce site where I sell automotive accessories. Checking recently on Google Webmaster Tools, I am informed that links to my site are showing up on hundreds of sites that have nothing to do with my product (religious sites, artists sites, law firm sites). Also, may of these links have the anchor text of things like "find discount viagra online" and "no prescription viagra". When I tried to navigate a few of these sites to find my links, I was unable to find them. Where are these links coming from? My first thought is that a competitor is out there trying to get me a penalty from Google for link spamming. Is this a common practice?
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    in my opinion in this case, you should use Google master tool to check the backlink sources, it is best that you use Google webmaster Disavow erased those links.
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    Just disavow them through google webmasters tool.
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    You can directly check these links from Google webmaster tool & remove spam links from Google Disavow tools.
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    Considering the nature of those links, I think one of your competitor is building those links for your website. However there is nothing to worry about that as you can easily disavow those links from your webmaster tool account.
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  • Thank you. I will disavow them through Google.
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    You should check them by Google webmaster tools to ensure they are not harmful for your sites
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