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Hy Warriors,
Recently I create a YouTube channel and upload videos and now I don't get views and subscribes.
Anyone suggest Video SEO or other promotion strategy for viewers?
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    Try promoting it in the social channels. When it get some views it will rank better which in turn will get more viewers to get ranked even more better.
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    Yeah...try domain authority stacking. When you drop your video on high domain authority sites by placing your Youtube link on Facebook and see if you can get some engagement there or on Twitter as well.
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    One tip.

    When I upload a videos to Youtube, I make sure the form to fill the title and description for the video is done. a lot of people leave this blank or simply adding an irrelevance. This is not good practice because you are losing some real juice! Titles and description play a major role in terms of search engine traffic. So avoiding this form is not a good idea.

    You have to dedicate some time to filling in the form. Analyse proper keywords for your video and add in title and description. You can make use of Google Keyword tool for it. Also, Google keyword tool helps you to identify the competition and search volume. For Youtube, always take advantage of tags and a catchy thumbnail for your image. Your thumbnail will play the major role in getting more CTR from the related videos tab.
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    Promote & share your video on different social media sites & groups to get max. viewer & likes for it.
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    It depends upon the business you are making video of. Some businesses videos are so boring that people just quickly change it, so making it interesting plays the SEO part in getting it shared
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    Just nonsense replies. Why do I always have to be a reality check?

    If you don't have viral videos that make people keep coming, like most of us, you need to work dang hard.

    First, have videos that will entertain and inform people in a way that people WANT to view your videos. That part may be the hardest, as people just think that if you make some boring @$$ video people will just lap it up.

    Second, start commenting and subscribing yourself. Yup...that means WORK. Look for videos and channels from normal people that are similar to yours. Normal people will like and subscribe. Start commenting on their videos. Start liking them. Become a mad man at it. But don't do it blindly. Do searches for videos that have been posted today and even the past hour. That way you know those people are active now.

    Use FB and twitter to promote your videos. Join public groups that are similar to your niche. Make pages with videos and share them. Make your own group! It's easy and people will join.

    Youtube is a search engine. So SEO is all about that, not the normal way. Post longer videos, but not too long. Get likes, shares.....and you do that by liking others and sharing your own....


    Only a knucklehead would do that. You want to lose your channel? Your videos? Then go ahead. Be stupid. It's against google TOS and anyone promoting that is a lunatic. Don't be THAT guy.

    Hard work are such nasty words to most people.

    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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      But getting traffic when someone promotes your videos is not bad right
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    Try make engaging video Content and optimize YouTube video titles. Promote and share them through different social media websites to get attraction from viewers
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    What is that keyword you are targeting?

    Did you check the keyword competition?

    If the keyword you are targetting is hard then try to find a long tail and optimize your videos accordingly.
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    In order to do basic SEO for your YouTube channel, you should keep these issues in your mind.

    At first try to get your unique username for your YouTube channel. That will help your SEO.
    Next write a detailed description about your channel and also upload a cover.
    After that upload your video regularly and share on social media.
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    Hey Richard

    YT videos might not get any views especially if you are targeting very high competition keywords. Even if you get a low competition keyword, if your SEO is not right, you wouldn't get any views since it is not on the first page. See if any if this can help you. (May not be directed only SEO)

    1. Check if videos are indexed ... If they are not yet, ping the URL of your video using any of the ping services available (E.g: pingfarm.com)
    2. Check your keyword competition. You can search with your keyword on google & check if there are any videos already. More the videos, more the competition. ( U can find WSO or softwares to get this, but may not 100% correct for every kw)
    3. Do you have Keywords in your title, Description & Tags?? If not, do this as your high priority task.
    4. If you have uploaded theses videos from your pc ( trying to make sure you r not using YouTube editor to create your videos ), make sure your video is saved with the keyword you are targeting for.Also, update the properties with the same keyword.
    5. Include the keyword in the Dscriptin atleast twice , 1 in the start & 2 at the end.
    6. You can use plugins like VidIq to check your competitors videos to get an idea.
    7. Make sure your video is atleast 3mins longer.
    8. Make sure you use a captive Thumbnail (Need Not be a SEO factor, but having this will help your video grab a click from suggested videos list)
    9. Yes social sharing will definetly help you get some views.

    Hope this helps ...
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      in my own situation with my channel on women's health and beauty, i had done 90% of your suggestions here. yet, the viewership count is still very ridiculous. just wondering what to be done again to ensure my videos get viewed.

      as part of a strategy a tested out again, i try to post a viral video from facebook to youtube. but, it never got viewed. i did this because, sometimes last week, someone posted such video (a snake fight), that had already trended on FB to YT and got 3M views within just 11 hours. (that channel is a brand new channel, no subs)

      i tried to replicate such strategy too, but no success.

      therefore, i still wonder how the algorithm of youtube works, or if they favour videos over each others.

      if any of the warrior forum members have a good suggestion on getting at least just 2k views for every videos posted to YT, then i will put it to work and commit myself to post 5 videos per day. that will give 10k views daily.

      any great tips and advice from any member ??? try help out.
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        I was able to get decent views ( not 1k a day though) following above approaches and able to rank on Google very fast. It worked for me and thought it can be helpful ...

        If you are at least getting a few views already, you can try to analyze your videos traffic and and optimize accordingly.

        Eg: When i checked my stats, i see that my traffic sources are Suggested Videos, instead of Search Traffic.

        So, if you are getting at least a few views, there are different ways to optimize & get more views based on the data you have. If you have none, Just pick a low competition keyword, and do basic SEO and you should be able to rank higher. Views are dependent on search (if you have opted a low search volume kw, though you rank high, you would not get any views).

        Try to get some backlinks to your video. That can help you too. (Share on Facebook, Tumblr, etc.,).
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    As you made a YouTube channel, I think more and more social media engagement will be beneficial for you! Try to post or share your video on facebook and other social sites.
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  • You need to do the onpage seo correctly and include keywords in the description. Try building some good links towards the video to get it ranked.
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    Try this - go onto Youtube and search for things like "youtube seo" or "get videos to rank on youtube".

    The first videos in your search results will be by folks who obviously know what they are talking about because they came up first in the search results!
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    social media promotion is the best way
    dont buy views and subcribers
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    Brian Dean of Backlinko actually just covered this and his content is always on point and backed with actual case studies. http://backlinko.com/how-to-rank-youtube-videos, pretty comprehensive guide, but alot of good stuff in it.
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