Have 2 Websites, 1 Phone # & Don't Want To Give Address. SEO Effect?

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Hello fellow Warriors. I hope you can help.
Here's my situation...

There are 2 service oriented websites. There is only 1 phone number. And since these are service businesses that go out and do not have a storefront or place to meet customers, what's going to happen SEO-wise?

My address is NOT in the same city as where I do most of my business.

I wouldn't mind putting the same 1 phone number on both sites, but am not sure what the SE's(search engines, ie, Google, Bing & Yahoo) will do. Also, since no address will not be on each site, what will happen then?

Please offer some advice if you've had experience with this personally or "just know" through studying SEO. Your replies are very much appreciated.

Thank you kindly,


P.S. If I need to get addresses for each and maybe separate phone #'s, I can, but don't like it.
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