SEO Phone Scam Caught In Action! DO NOT Fall For This!

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Hello Warriors!

We all know how awesome it can be when you can get your website, blog, business listing, etc, to show up at the top of the search engines for quality keywords.

We also know that's it's no easy task to grab that elusive first page ranking.

Well, this morning I received a telemarketing call and the caller actually hinted that if I did not use their service, I could lose all of my search engine listings.

I was immediately suspicious after hearing this, and so I decided to record the call and make a video to warn others as I'm sure their scare tactics are actually working on newbies and other folks with little to no SEO knowledge.

I apologize for the audio quality as I received this call when I was outside with my friend and had to use his phone to record the call. I cleaned up the background noise as best I could, but some parts are still tough to hear. That's why I put in the transcripts in the video.

Also, evidently I'm not the only one to be angered about this:

I hope this saves some people from falling for this.
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