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I recently started a new blog, about a month old, and it's already been approved by adsense. I researched a bit about how to earn more through adsense and get to know that the best possible way is to get traffic from USA. It has high CPM and CTR compared to other countries. So my query is to which is the best possible way to attract traffic from USA.

Any help in this regard would be appreciated.
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    First of all adjust in your webmasters tool that you want to target only US users. And then build links from USA sites.
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      Have set target country to USA and also started building backlinks from USA sites. Apart from these, do you think there's any other way to drive traffic from USA.
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      • I've never tried this, but if you have the cash to do so, potentially you could buy traffic from FB and specify country as being USA. Same goes for Google, and possibly other traffic brokers.

        In terms of organic, I don't know of a specific way to do this, sorry.
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          Buying traffic was never on my plan. I am rather hoping to get traffic organically.
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    yeah just work on US sites only. You can take benefits of local listing. Do local listing. It will help
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    Target localized keyword in your content. For example, if you are writing about a service, research on kws such as "[your services] near [target location]". These keywords also generally have low SEO competition and would be relatively easier to rank. It will take some time but give you a steady source of organic visitors from the location of your choice.
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    First of all, you need to do keyword research based on US. After that Google webmaster tools and analytics can helps you to get idea which landing pages or posts are doing well in USA. So, check those keywords and do good effort to rank in USA, it will helps you to drive traffic from USA. You can also set the target country in Google webmaster tools
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    You can submit your website only local business directory.
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      Only Submitting to local business directory won't help much because good sites are paid and the free ones have poor DA.
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    I think Reddit 90% from USA.
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    You should try to get backlinks from .us site or use websites. So go for doing local listing, post content only to the USA sites. There are many social network sites that have a high proportion of American users.
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    You can not control the traffic.... but the best way is get targeted traffic (Usa):

    - Using target location keyword like: Your Keyword + in USA

    - Using similarweb to calculate the website which you drive traffic (Ignore some source that's not provided high quality of US traffic)
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      Your 1st point is done and applied previously.
      I have added similarweb extension for chrome and though it's not accurate, I'm able to keep track of my visitors.
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    create good content, share your content with people in online communities like quora and facebook groups.
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    There are three major option you have to bring the traffic from USA only.

    1) Email Marketing

    You can find there are lot of relevant facebook communities having the USA people only. Just collect their mail id using add ons and do email marketing using tools like sendgrid, mailchimp.

    2) Influencer Marketing

    Find the influencers in your niche those having massive USA followers then approch the influencer. if they share your website in their social account then you will get the massive traffic from the one simple source.

    3) Facebook Advertising

    Facebook offer the best and cheapest medium to reach the target audience.
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      Never thought of email marketing. Does it really help? OK. I will try it.
      Right now, I'm not looking for paid campaigns.
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        Yes it will work, But your email subject and the marketing content should be very useful to the receiver. If they feel it is useful you will get traffic.
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    reddit is enough for getting USA visitors but you have to promote your link smartly
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      Will you please elaborate? Share some tricks.
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    Guest post and comment on top US blogs. Build friendships with top US bloggers. Promote them, endorse them and feature them, through your blog and through social media.

    Of course, make sure these blogs are from your niche
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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