How to find broken links in a website?

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I want to find broken links in any specific page on the web so that I can ask the developers to replace that link with my link. But I don't know how to find broken links. I tried some google chrome extensions like "broken link checker" and I see so many broken links but when I click on those links, they aren't actually broken. Can anyone suggest me the best tool?

P.S.: xenu link sleuth is not the tool I am looking for.
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  • How many times have you clicked a HTML link on a webpage only to get a 404 Not Found error?
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    Seositecheckup and dead link checker are the best tools for checking the broken Links in a website.
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    I wrote a free tool that's crawls a entire website looking for broken links. Check my signature, I'd post a direct link but not sure on the rules about that?

    I make FREE SEO/IM Software at
    PBN Hunter / Expired Tumblr Hunters / Backlink Finders and more all 100% FREE.

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    you can use google webmaster tools to find broken can also use sblinkchecker.
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    you can use .
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    screaming frog can be helpful here
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    you can use
    Free Broken Link Checker
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    dead link checker and Online Broken Link Checker this tools are best tools for checking broken links.
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    To find broken links, use one or all of the following:

    Screaming Frog SEO Spider
    Google Search Console
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    A lot of tools available which help you to find out broken link in your website. I prefer you google webmaster tools or w3c link checker. Thanks
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    I use Broken Link Checker on my two blogs and it seems pretty accurate.
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    There are many tools to check a broken link. If one tool is not giving you proper results, try checking the same link in other tools.
    I don't know which tools you have used for checking your broken links.
    So, I am going to name few, which I personally use;
    2)Online Broken Link Checker(broken link check)
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    You can use Deadlink checker or brokenlink checker tool to find broken links...
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    You can check your website broken links through brokenlinkcheck and smallseotools both tools help you.
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