Does the number of backlinks play an important role in link building in 2017?

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Whether the number of backlink play an important role in link building 2017?

No one can deny the important of content in marketing. It decides whether your work is sucessful or not. It decides almost every decision of humnan acting in the buying process. That why Google focus a lot on encouraging marketers creating unique and atractive content.

But there is another important aspect in marketing that can not be ignored, that is link building, and whether link building in large number plays an important role in the year of 2017? Try to read my post

Quality link should be more focused.

Expert in seo say that if you don't have a quality backlink into your page. It's no use to Google and hence you can not rank well in google. Link attached in content means quality if the content has some contribtion to the audience. It means it should have some traffic and then google can advertise to get profit from it

But there is one fact that, too few good links help nothing in Google ranking and few link means that your blog is not stressed and not so important.

So what is the solution now?

The number of backlink nowadays is not really focus on large marketers, if your page have a large number of backlink in a short time. Google will feel it and regards it as spam and it's really not good for your page.

Number of link building should grow in nature. For example , for one days, yu put 10 back link, I think it's enough. That 10 backlink should be the quality one and for 1 month your number of backlink is 300. A very impressive firgure right?

A lot of people regards link building as a vevry hard work and link building is just a waste of time. I think their ways of thinking have some problem.

With a new blog created, you can not hope to have conversion on the first post and it can not appeare that. So building link is a long tern process and try to get familiar with it instead of easily quitting

What is the right strategy in link building in number?

The most important thing in this strategy is the speed that you build backlink every day. I want to recommend you some of the ways I applied very successfully in my work:

- Create a unique post then spin it: this seems to be a very traditional way but proves to be effective nowadays, It means what you should do is just make a post, then spin it to 10 copies and post on the forum. You don't need a lot of effort in this method

- You can find some knowledge on the internet then write down basing on the idea, I'm pretty sure it will not take you too much time.

The last important thing I want to mention is that, try to be permanent, it's hard work but result is sweet enough for you to pursue.
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    I think there's no magic formula of how many backlinks you need to post everyday. It depends on the quality of your website, your keywords, your competitors, your contents,...and many other onpage factors. However you should try to focus on quality instead of quantity, I think so.

    Good luck to you,
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    Its quality over quantity. One good link can do much difference than hundreds of worthless links.
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    Just as important as they have always been. However, artificial link creation or curation is very bad these days. Instead, search engines look for organically created links. Quite simply, people must be compelled to create links based upon your content. You can promote using social media, however stay away from link schemes, guest blogging, article marketing sites, PR sites, and any SEO crap method you will find. Let the links come to you and the value of the links will be better.
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    In link building concentrate to build high quality back links that also matters in ranking
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    Having backlinks with more quantity would not help to improve the website ranking on search results. Having quality backlinks from high authority websites only help to improve the website traffic, authority and improve the keyword rankings.
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    Building quality backlinks is extremely important to Search Engine Optimization, and because of their importance, it should be very high on your priority list in your SEO efforts.
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    Yes. Thank You for this nice read?
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    IMO the best way to think about backlink is whether YOU will click on it. It`s hard especially in difficult niches (like selling airplanes, for example. IDK if you need SEO there in the first place but you got my point)

    Be sure to buy links carefully (if you do that, of course). Also, try to make all of the links manually (outreach to real people) and deal with that. It`s much harder getting one but you can find a relevant blog with REAL traffic and real interested people.

    My point is so linkbuilding is less important than it was 10 years ago but still is a ranking factor. Try to find your audience and not a place to post a link
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    Only relevant and authority links are helpful for ranking your site. Try to build some active links from where visitors come to your site.
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    It's definitely quality over quantity. Focus should be on creating backlinks from highly visible and respected websites closely related to your niche. Other than that, it's a waste of time.
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    1 link from a good and High Authority High TF/CF site is better than hundred's of links
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