Does Guest Posting Still Work?

by Maple Labs 17 replies
Can anybody tell me if guest posts still work in improving rankings? Or do they have 0% influence on that?
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    Guest posts helps you get quality links so yeah they helps.
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      But you have to make sure you get a guest post link from the good website and relevant to your niche.
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    Yes it is very useful and you can improve your ranking...
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    yes.. one of the best techniques to improve ranking..
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      Originally Posted by Parul Dutta View Post

      i dont thinks guest post work now as it is strictly banned by google.
      Where do people come up with these things?

      Of course guest blogging is not "strictly banned by Google". There are definitely a bunch of cruddy splogs out there that people guest posted on that have gotten them in trouble. Very prominent websites like MOZ, Search Engine World, etc. have as many guest posts as they do ones by staff and it sure isn't hurting them or anyone linked to from them.

      Real websites, with real traffic being used by real people are where you want to guest post. As Mike Friedman pointed out, it all comes down to the site you are guest posting on. If you can answer "yes" to the question "does this blog have a whole lot of readers that would be also be interested in things on my website?", then it's probably a good place to guest post.
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    guest blogging is still an effective tactic as well.

    As long as you're looking at your guest blogging efforts as a means to introduce yourself and your ideas to a new audience, and not as a tool designed for instant traffic explosions and revenue, you're going to be able to benefit from putting in the work.
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    saying guest posts work is like saying a piece of string works.

    To rank what?
    What kind of guest posting?

    So like string...sure it works for something but depends on what you are trying to rank for and what is the quality of the guest post site.

    Problem is guest posting is filled with junk PBN sites. Real bloggers with real traffic tend to be very picky with what they post on their sites and/or require significant payment

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    It is still considered to be safe to do things like guest posting and sharing infographics, for example. The key to doing it the right way though is not to worry about the quantity of where you publish, but worry about the quality of where you publish. In any given market space, you might have 10, 20, maybe 30 sites that are worth publishing on. So think more about that, than masses and masses of different domains.
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    Links from High quality + High Traffic website will help you to get better ranking.
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    The guest post really works, They provide more traffic to your website, but some guest post website doesn't approve your post, so find those quality guest post websites that instantly approved your post or article, like medium.
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    Guest posting is works when you submit your guest posts to a reputate website blog then surely vistior will read your post and then you will get quality traffic and links.
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    guest post always works because it's gives you the best quality links
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    thanks every one and what about the PBNs networks i researched about that some saying that they nothing but spam..!!!
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  • Yes, guest post helps you build good and quality backlinks ONLY when done properly. What you need to remember is to focus on providing useful and quality content. Once that is achieved, you can easily build backlinks over time. If people see your content worth sharing, they will voluntarily link back to your website.
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    Yes, Guest Posting is helpful in creating back-links that is beneficial for increasing traffic on website.
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  • Guest posting remains a standout amongst the most critical content marketing strategies and continues to help brands in developing blog readerships and in addition in boosting their search engine rankings.

    Consequently, every advertiser should make this a piece of their tool kit for effective content creation that ranks and converts.

    When done correctly, guest posting is an awesome approach to discover and connect with new readers. Publishing authoritative content on high-quality sites enables you not only to manage your reputation, but also helps you build trust and connection with your readers.
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    hey there

    yes it still works but you have to be persistant.

    it works well with the weight loss niches

    talk soon
    sam f
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