Updating a blog post to rank for new keywords VS transferring the text into a new blog post

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Everyone has some blog articles that just won't rank on the keyword that you chose, so you would like to change the keyword (which means changing, among other things, the title tag, the meta description, the keyword density etc).

For example: my blog article about 'class management' doesnt get ranked at all on 'class management', so I want to change the focus keyword to 'how to get my students to be silent'.

There are 2 options for this. Which one is the best?

Is it better to...
A) Cut the text from the blog article, then delete that blog article and paste the text into a new article in which you focus on optimizing for the new keyword?
-> Advantage: New blog posts get a boost from Google: a fresh start.

Or is it better to...
B) Keep the article and just update it so that it focusses on the new focus keyword?
-> Advantage: updating a blog post is a ranking factor.

Thank you in advance!
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