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This is sort of a crossover question from SEO, so I apologize if that's where this should be.

About 2 years ago, I used a Chinese bot software called JingLing to send about 75,000 hits per month to my news website. The traffic always stayed on my site for around 1 minute and generally visited 2-3 pages. Within a month of using this software (it ramps up traffic slowly), my site began ranking higher than CNN and other well-known news sites.

Flash forward to today, there is a new English-language version of this software called TrafficSpirit. I know there have been a ton of changes to the SEO algorithms and I am wondering if I can still safely use this bot strategy as one part of my overall SEO?

I believe the way it works is that it uses all the computers running the software to visit each others' websites...

Thanks for any thoughts, I was shocked to find no one had mentioned TrafficSpirit here before!
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    Hi SM,

    Any time you attempt to manipulate things with bots, these days, Google frowns on that. Skip the bots, give your energy to creating something valuable, building meaningful bonds with folks in your niche and persistently doing so....and in time you will draw in human beings who spread the word for you, become advocates, fans, customers or whatever. Versus bots, who tend to make poor customers and brand advocates.

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    Google may not punish you but they will certainly be no help that's also true.
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    Thanks you guys!! My website isn't selling anything...its a news website. So in my particular case, anything that gets my ranking up is good. This bot definitely turbocharged my ranking a year or two ago, I guess I wasn't sure if the Google algorithm changed...I certainly don't want to hurt my ranking by using it!
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    Well Its not a bad idea I knew a similar software named pandabot I assume which did the same and had good impact. I do not see anything bad in this just I am not sure how good can it be also.
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