Question: Any Wordpress Experts Who Might Have An Answer For This?

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I have a question about ALT tags on images.

When I blog, I have a particular banner image that I use at the end of every blog post with my contact information on it.

Instead of uploading it 6 million times, I just go into my media files to add to each blog post.

I've noticed that each time I go to add it, whatever ALT tags that I had from my previous post are still visible when I go to add the image to my current post.

So my question is, each time I add the image, is it change the alt tags for all of my previous posts as well? Or do the old posts still maintain the same alt tags, even though they are constantly changing in the media file.

Hopefully you guys understood that.
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    The Alt text field offered to you after selecting an image in the media library will be used for that insertion. It does not change the Alt text for any other/previous insertion of the same image.

    Even on the same page/post

    The reason is because inserting an image actualy adds html code to the page (including alt tag). That code is not modified in retrospect except possibly by a plugin designed to specifically do that.
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    This doesn't take a Wordpress expert to answer. Just look at the code in your pages and you will have the answer.
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