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Are there professional Search Engine Optimization companies that Guarantee top ranking? The reason is it seems some services charge a lot of money and you never get any first page rankings.
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    There are tons of them that do. In fact, every one that has ever called me or emailed me guarantees it.

    Of course, 99% of them are full of it. They'll guarantee first page rankings, but won't tell you that it isn't for anything you really want to rank for.
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    Not necessarily - but some marketers are highly gullible. How many results are shown for a particular search term on the first page of google? How many results are there for the term those sites are ranking for?

    For example, a google search for 'make money online' yields 178,000,000 results.....clearly they can't all rank "at the top" no matter how great the SEO is.

    Doesn't mean SEO is not important - but it's not magic.
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    It is tough to find a 'perfect' SEO service.

    However, I've worked with few but for super-targeted niches only and I got positive results. I believe your niche matter a lot when it comes to SEO.
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    thanks for sharing wonderful information about seo..
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    This is What the same doubt that I too had, but rather I want to know if any SEO Services company is providing good results, as said. Kindly share if you know any seo services company that gives an appropriate result and sure in keeping up their words.
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    any one help me please ,
    i have a E-Commerce site and want to seo for this site .Actually What should i do for that i don,t understant .
    please tell what can i do to incrise visitors for my site and how to do please tell me any one.
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