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Hello friends
Today i have a very urgent question for you and i want best answer as soon as possible
My question is that
I have a website which i am using couple of years and google webmaster verified also couple of years..
But today when i was open my webmaster i am shock to see this message

"You don't have access to this property. Verify this property or ask a property owner to add you as a user. Verify this property"

kindly guide me friends i really need your help
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    Use a different form of verification and check the original. It could be something as simple as the meta tag wasn't accessible, or the html file on your server was deleted.

    Then re-verify it.
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    It happens when your header file doesn't consist of Google verification link or file from root folder deleted. So please do check these two things to fix this bug and try again your issue will be solved.
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