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anyone familiar and have any experience with ?
are they trustworthy for a link building campaign?

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    I would not recommend using such a service as that. You are better off being a guest blog writer, and hopefully get a backlink.
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    T said it Steve.

    Learning your niche inside out, creating helpful guest posts, building friendships with other bloggers by helping them out, and gaining invites to guest post through your friendships is the way to go.

    Link building services are like boiler room operations most of the time, with their experts coming in cold, with no friends in high blogging places, subpar blog commenting skills, and a general lack of professional delivery.

    Many of these cats reach out to me and I let them know that I already appeared on their promised placement sites for free

    Guest post Steve, build your rep, and get your SEO game down tight.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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      thanks both of you for answering.
      I do try guest posting. but I rarely get any positive reply for posting on other blogs. link building is the most time consuming part of SEO so I see no way but outsourcing it. I wish it could be different.
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    Do not use this service I warn you, I transferred $500 to them and told them to pick links and I would have to review and research them first before buying them. They went ahead and purchased the links without my consent, they used up $300 out of the $500. I contacted them about this issue and they said they MIGHT be able to refund the money since I cancelled the backlinks. So long story short, it has been 2 months and I still haven't received a penny, you would think they can at least refund the $200 that is left over which was NOT used for any links. I am trying to resolve the issue, STILL. If it is not resolved shortly I will attach all of the convo between me and them via email for the public to see.
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    I also faced the same situation as Ivano faced. So, don't use their services as they are provide spam links which will definitely cause your website rankings on search engine. Slowly, slowly your website appearance on the search engine will go down.
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    • Daijon, we would be very grateful if you send us your email to analyze your account.
      Also please clarify what do you mean by "spammy links".
      There are indeed links with different DA, PA and other characteristics in our inventory, but a user can choose those the best matching his website.
      Moreover, our managers can create link building strategy for our websites on request to look natural to search engines.
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    Those link building services will only blast your website's link in tons of low quality sites in which popularly known as spamming.
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    Links management is a safe link building service to buy cheap and natural back links in authoritative websites.
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