Choose a Brand and a domain for more niches. How should I do it?

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I started a small business. Currently I'm getting clients through portals or ads, but I think it's time to build my own website. I'm having some difficulties deciding how to proceed.. Please, let me explain:

Consider I have the Brand Name. For example, RestaurantX.

Now, I'm only selling really focused for a single niche. For example, I'm selling Burgers.

But, I see great potential to sell also Pizzas in the future. So, get into another niche. And Healthy Salads afterwards.

How should I implement my online brand awareness? Which path to choose:
1. Call myself RestaurantX (brand name), and buy and promote my burgers. Then, when I'll start selling pizzas, I'll buy new domains: and This may work, but all the SEO work for selling burgers using will be lost, and I'll have to start all over again for
2. Same as 1 but I move the burgers to a subdomain, like this: and create I think the problem regarding SEO is the same.
3. Call myself RestaurantX-Burgers and buy In the future, I'll create This seems a little akward to me and also for my clients may look strange: "Why is he calling himself: "resturantx.. burgers" since he's selling only burgers. Why not: burgersx..
4. have (from the beginning), then add /pizzas. Using this approach may be difficult to separate the niches and target the customers with specific content.

What would you recommend?
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    As per my experience, I would suggest you to buy a common domain for example - and name it such a way that both your pizza as well as burger are included; like
    You can then categorize the menu in two parts burgers as well as pizzas. This also won't create a problem in SEO and website ranking.
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      this is exactly what i'm about to say... you nailed it alicy!
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      Thanks alicy.

      That's a good way to keep the site structure and pages and make the separation in the menu (and on the landing page too).

      I need to ask. Maybe I didn't choose the best example with burgers and pizzas. Please consider 2 niches somewhat more unrelated, like Web Application Development (Software) and SEO & Marketing. If your company X would offer services in these 2 areas, which are not related that much. (but can be.. I mean, I client that needs an software application, might need to also market it.) Would you take the same approach that you suggested?

      The question is somehow the same.. Having built a brand awareness for X, while offering software development services it would be a pity not to use the brand for SEO and marketing; right? I wouldn't make sense having 2 different websites..
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    Hi Rares Ilea ,
    I think you have difficulties in choosing the right name for your brand. I also had such issue before. So, I chose a name that is not related to any service and started to build the brand. My services are in the digital marketing niche, but I'm planning to open a web site development and application development. So, my advice is to create a strong brand. Whenever you will have a new service, you could insert it in the services menu or even make separated menu items for the two niches. I think it's the best way to work for the SEO and once you will have the new service, you could promote it to your subscribers, customers, social followers, etc.
    Wish you the best
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      Hi Lena,

      Thank you so much for the insights. I feel like you got the idea exactly. That's what I'm struggling with and that's how I thought about creating a strong brand (instead of having multiple targeted ones).

      As alicy and you suggested, I'll create one website and add services with time in the menu bar / or landing page.

      Best regards!
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        I'm glad that I helped you
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    You must have to choose unique brand & domain name for your business, so that users can search your website easily.
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    just go for a brandable name - not restaurant x or stuff like that. think something like wall-mart or similar then depending on what you sell you can add more categories to your site and you'll have no problems
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    4. Since you're offering your products under one roof it make sense to have one site.

    You can structure the website however you want.

    I'm a content writer on Fiverr, use my services.

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    I would highly suggest that you create a brand name which has literally no resemblance to general food. In my awarenss, all brand names are never similar to their general meaning. This is why they are easy to remember and unique.
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    Why should you want to buy domain for each product. It;s not worth at all. You can choose a branded name and work with pages.

    Ex domain/burgers
    domain/pizza etc.
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    Go for something off the wall. It has to be catchy such that it sticks in the customers heads. It's more cost efficient if you have a common brand for all your products. I know I'd have massive headache coming up with a brand name for every single product.
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    I'd focus on the idea of alignment Rares.

    The second you promote anything that is not aligned, or not from the same niche, go with a new domain name. Any content and anything you are selling should be aligned fully, for your brand of course and to boost sales.

    Be super strict/clear on the 1 domain/1 niche rule. Big difference-maker in branding and in sales over the long haul.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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