How Forum posting help?

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I am new in SEO. I just need your valuable opinion on how forum posting help increase in link building.
Looking forward to your help.
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    Forum posting doesn't help at all they are only good for outreach and referral traffic.
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    It works, If you do it properly
    Solve others problem
    Do not sell your products directly
    Be active everyday
    Focus one industry and work, you will start getting positive results.

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    If you own a business and you are active on nice relevant forums, you are creating an audience who come across your post and the experience you share and you gain their trust in your business, resulting in sales and converstions.
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    Thanks for your precious time.
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    Imo, forum posting. as long as you have the "signature", it will count as backlink. It still leaves some kind of footprint on the web.
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    i don't think that forums help in link building
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    If done properly, forum posting helps you build quality backlinks which helps in SEO. It also helps in connecting with different people and learn more about various topics.
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    Forums provide zero good backlinks... end of story.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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