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Ok another question (I'm just filled with em today ):
Lets say you use content bully (brother of PPC bully) to find sites that rank in Google on relevant keywords and you find sites that rank and also have Adsense ads.

u goto adwords create a content only campaign with CPM (not CPC) bidding. You use image ads (as I think image ads are better for CPM campaign, maybe I'm wrong). You choose placement only campaign , and copy paste the URLS with Adsense you found. You also put the keywords you used to find those Adsense sites into your campaign. you set a bid of 10.00$.

Now you get less than 100 impressions after 3-4 days....

So? What could be causing the low impressions (assume I have one ad group with lots of keywords and manually selected placements/URLs and no text ads only image ads). 99% of the URLS get 0 impressions. The URLS i do get impressions on I am position 1.3 .

- 99% of the sites don't give space to image ads? (btw I used like 4-5 different image sizes)
- is my CPM bid too low?

The ads [Title/ad content/destination URL]&LP's quality score on the search network is 7+ on the same keywords)

A useful advice is highly appreciated.

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    Maybe the sites are not getting much traffic.

    Your ad rank (bid times QS, which on content is essentially your CTR) is not high enough to beat ad rank of competitors on those sites. Not sure how it takes into account image ads. Maybe Google rotates between the two depending on some formula, probably depends on percentage of available text ads vs image ads.

    Publishers can also change those settings at any time. I'm not sure if Google updates that information real-time for advertisers. I don't use Adsense so I don't even know if publishers can set some value to show certain kinds of ads, text or image, more often.

    I suggest trying some text ads.

    One thing that struck me is that you choose Managed Placement and using keywords. Do not use keywords when doing managed placement. You are telling Google to show your ads on those sites but only if the theme of the page is the same as the theme of your keywords. You are probably excluding yourself on that basis.

    Managed placement should be just that: I want to show on that site or page, no matter what. You should not have to use keywords. Therefore, delete your keywords.
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      Hey, thanks for the reply.

      -Well I was using content bully to collect the sites, so they do have traffic based on alexa/compete (they also rank in the top 10 for high volume keywords, so prolly people land on the pages).

      I actually started to see some impressions (over 3000 so far). It seems it takes a few days till you start seeing your ads if you use CPM/image ads. I also tried almost every possible banner size.

      I removed all the keywords and will ad some text ads... We'll see how it goes.

      Thanks for the help
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    I believe that image ads have to be manually reviewed by a human being. This can take more or less time depending on the backlog they have. But do give them a full week, that seems to be the norm, although I haven't submitted new image ads in quite a while.

    Why are you using CPM instead of CPC by the way?
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    Yea, took them a couple of days to approve my ads, but they're already approved.

    Checking maybe using images ads and CPM will be more cost effective than CPC... so far not really.
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    Google is incredibly slow at approving and migrating new content ads (Text or Image). It can take weeks, even longer, often regardless of bid (if you're bidding reasonably) but it will hit, and often big, if you've got targeted ad copy, a fair bid (think 10%+ of a search network bid) and a few targeted keywords.

    Don't forget to utilize all of the image ad formats AND use text ads as well in the campaign. 3 to 4 different versions of each ad format would be even better for split testing.
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