Changing Domain without 301 redirection.

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One of my website loose it's ranking. And the reason is unknown to me, I am unable to find it.
So I decided to move all my website content to new domain name without any redirection.
So guy's , it is possible to do so or it will cause any copyright infringement.
Thank you
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    How do you infringe YOUR OWN COPYRIGHT?

    Copyright is generally a US term....ignored in india/pakistan anyway...

    Do you even have any clue as to what you post?

    Yes, you can do a forward without 301. It's done all the time.

    (I hesitate to mention those because now someone will start talking about a 303 redirect....)

    meta refresh redirect
    domain host redirect
    php redirect
    javascript redirect
    ( too lazy to think of others)

    (um...not that any of that actually matters in your case....)


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    no you have to do do 301 redirection to move your old contents to the new domains.
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