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Hello all,

I have a question about building backlinks through private blog networks. I've already searched for the answer online but no one seemed to cover it specifically, so I thought that maybe someone here could know and have the time to reply, so here goes:

Let's say you have a private blog network of around 30 different blogs from different blogging platforms (wordpress, blogspot, etc.).
You write a main article on your main website, and than want to send backlinks to it from your 30 blogs. In order to do this, you write a single article of about 5-600 words, and post it on every blog, linking to your website article through keywords.

The question is: Will the main website be penalized by Google because it is receiving backlinks from 30 different sources, but each of the 30 sources is linking from the same copied article ?(note* not the article from the main website).

Hope I managed to explain the situation clearly, looking fw to your responses.

Thanks in advance!
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    Yes, you are likely ro get penalized, plus you will leave a big footprint which might expose your whole network making it worthless in the future.

    Every article should be unique. Note that it can't be a spun article because it might put your blog network at risk once again. Also, make sure you don't create all of the links on the same day. Spread the posting time for about 2 months.

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    Definite footprint that can get your site banned (manual penalty)

    Second unless you are getting pages on the platform that have a good link profile (previously used) blogging platform links generally have little to no ranking strength.

    You would be better off buying expired domains (with non spam link profiles)

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