Getting Google Slapped Effect Your Account?

by madmin
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Is getting slapped multiple times by google effect your next slap?
I've been submitting affiliate type bridge pages and getting slapped every time multiple times. Will google start to watch me closer ?

Hasn't yet, but has anyone had any bad re pore from historic slaps?
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    Every Adwords account has a history. The better your account performs the better for your new ads and viceversa.
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    • madmin,

      This is a REALLY important article to read and relates to a 19 page WebmastWorld thread where tons of advertisers (mainly affiliates) are getting banned or ban warnings for poor landing page quality.

      In the recent round of Google slaps that were supposedly about landing page quality - AdwordsAdvisor (supposedly an official Google rep) explained what the slap was really about and it was geared toward certain types of affiliate sites, not so much landing pages or quality scores.

      Click the link below and read the whole thing!

      Google Mass Bans & Warns AdWords Advertisers, But Why?

      Certain kinds of websites (ref1) are not allowed per our policies because the user experience is of low quality or we consistently receive negative feedback from our users about these kinds of pages. These sites include:

      * Data collection sites that offer the false promise of free items, etc., in order to collect private information.

      * Arbitrage sites that are designed for the purpose of showing ads

      * Affiliates who provide limited value by being a bridge page with the intent of solely driving traffic to another site or who are framing an affiliate site

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