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by Toby A
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Hi Warriors,
I have some questions about silo sites that I was hoping someone might be able to help with with. I am looking to build a Silo structured site using Wordpress. I will use a plugin to achieve this, though I'm not sure which one is the best to pull this off.

Looking at various videos and diagrams demonstrating how the link structure works, it doesn't look like the home page should be linking to Tier 3, 4, 5 pages (like ordinary blog posts) in multiple different Silo sections.
... example:

1. While looking for suitable WP Themes for my silo site, there are some magazine-style themes which look ideal, but the home page has links to latest posts in multiple sections.
- Will this screw up the silo structure?

2. Can a regular post (inside a silo) link to a page like "Contact us" or "About"?

3. If a silo plugin turns Categories into Silos, then presumably all posts/pages assigned to multiple Categories (now Silos) will have to be re-assigned to just one Category only. Is this correct?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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