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Hi experts,

What is the importance of h t t p s for a website? Is there any particular websites which especially requires these certificates?
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    SSL certification is the backbone of the internet. It protects the sensitive information of websites. It provides privacy, critical security and data integrity for both your websites and your users' personal information.

    The points SSL do-

    • SSL Encrypts Sensitive Information
    • SSL Provides Authentication
    • SSL Provides Trust
    • SSL is required for PCI Compliance
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    SSL It is necessary?

    If you sell products? :- If you are taking credit card information on your website, you definitely need SSL, in place to encrypt your customer credit card information.

    If your offer membership:- If you run a membership site SSL might be a good idea.

    If your visitor submits sensitive information:- If your website visitor are submitting any personal information via forms on the site you might consider SSL to keep that information safe.
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    HTTPS means that all communications between the browser and the website are encrypted. Especially if you are running an online business, you definitely need it, because your website with HTTPS means secure and trusted, your visitors fell safe on your website. Additionally, Google will rank HTTPS site higher because HTTPS is one of the reference factors in search ranking algorithms.
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  • Now it is a must to have a HTTPS since Chrome and other major browsers are starting to flag non HTTPS site as not secure and warning users . So SSL has become a must nowadays

    Jack from Piqued Digi Media pvt ltd
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      Originally Posted by Majid GHiasi View Post

      I think security is the most option for using this protcol.my site https://dr-majidghiasi.ir was attacked 3 weeks ago ,but sine when i use https my site is so safe
      SSL has absolutely nothing to do with making your site more secure from hackers. Nothing at all.
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    Install the latest edition of the Chrome browser and you'll see why it matters. All pages that are not HTTPS now say "NOT SECURE" in the address bar. Put yourself in the shoes of the average dummy using the internet. Are they going to stay on a website that says "NOT SECURE" or are they going to close the page as fast as they can?
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    SSL provides safe communication via the internet and provides protection of sensitive information with encryption techniques. It's improved customer/visitor trust, security against phishing, improved SEO rankings. And Google Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as "not secure". Google also says, if you don't have an SSL Certificate for your site, the Google Chrome browser bar will say your site is not secure.
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    SSL gives secure web association among server and web program, enabling you to transmit private data on the web.

    The main reason of ssl certificate is to keep sensitive information safe by sending them with an encrypted connection.

    There are two categories of SSL Certificates

    1. Private SSL certificates and
    2. Shared SSL certificates
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    Google initially coming out saying they were a ranking factor has also helped the numbers now using SSL...added to that there are free options out there with quite a few hosts! (cPanel and Let's Encrypt) so bit of a no brainer!

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    if you selling stuff online you will need to have a ssl, that way users will know that their information are encrypted.

    Why not get your ssl for free? https://www.sslforfree.com/
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    Well its not necessary for website to have SSL certificate installed if you are not dealing with payments but just for user experience and prevention best is to install it.
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    SSL helps build user trust in your website and not having SSL on your server will negatively effect your search engine rankings
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    HTTPS is basically used to give more security to your website. If you have any payment gateway linked then it protects from spams or getting hacked. In order to make website secure, SSL certificate is must.
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    to my knowledge for some years now ssl is a must have for every type of website. users expect it, hence google expects it. also it only takes a few minutes to implement and there are free solutions like letsencrypt.
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