What is content updation needed after "core broad algorithm update"?

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Hello Experts,

As we all aware that this 16th of April's "core broad algorithm update" is related to content quality but after reading so many blogs I haven't concluded that how content can effect on eCommerce website ranking. We posted content on my blog site and on main website there is less content. So I have many question in my mind.

1. Does website's category page content cam effect the eCommerce website ranking? This is my website https://bit.ly/2KkyqsI
2. Does websites blog can harm this much of my eCommerce website? https://bit.ly/2wJd72g this is my blog.
3. Here I am sharing analytics link where you can see the drastic down in my traffic and major drop is from organic because my major keywords has gone from ranking.

Please help me to find the changes which should I do with my website's content !!
It's really hard time for me as my sales graph is worst than ever.
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    1. Google ranks web pages, not websites, so there is no such thing as your "website ranking".
    2. See my answer to #1.

    The writing on the site, overall, is not very good but for all I know, you are targeting a market that is not very fluent in English, so they wouldn't know the difference between quality content and poorly written content. Search engine algorithms, on the other hand, may have a different "opinion."
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    Google's algorithms, accordingn to their patents, are very smart at detecting good writing and bad writing - hence, i would be very careful to publish quality content.
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