How do you personally add value to webpages (besides content)

by Murkr
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Hello, fellow SEOers. I'm sure you all know how important it is to have long, engaging content on your webpages and im sure you know adding relevant info/objects is favored by Google.

So what are some of the things that you do to add value to web pages you create?
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    all good stuff

    certain niches visitors react to different stimulus's
    if your in the cooking/recipe niche for example they use a lot of carousels to get people to click

    I've noticed these days in my experiments to go for the click when I get this reaction I seem to rank for more related keywords because when someone clicks the page becomes more relevant in my opinion and ranks better

    Model what is working on page one results or other niches and test
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    I like to format my content in a way that both makes it easier to read while also increasing time on page. In other words, if my content writer sends me giant paragraphs, then I am going to break those blocks of text up into 2-5 line sections whenever it makes sense to do so.

    Also, I don't like to break the left to right reading line with images. It's just bad formatting that I consider to be a bad user experience. I know those aren't direct ranking factors, but it matters.

    Blake Akers

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    If it is an eCommerce site, adding owner's manuals/assembly instructions is always a big plus. In addition, nothing helps conversions better than a really good buyer's guide. When people feel confident that they are making the right decision, they add things to the cart and buy more often.
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    I see you have already mentioned a lot of good stuff there.

    What i would recommend is that you could add a quiz which opos up on your website. You could engage your audience directly with that.

    Another thing you could do is to put up Client Testimonials. They are a Very Powerful way to generate some Social Proof for your business.
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    Alot of very good suggestions everyone, thank you.
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    Aside from content, positive reviews from the users can possibly add reputation to the website.
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  • I've found that adding a relevant video always works to increase user engagement. Also, encourage your website visitors to share their own, personal experiences through commenting, etc. This will make the visitors feel more connected with your site and they will, in turn, value the content even more.
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    Aside from keywords, I give my attention to optimize images as well. It is an ongoing process of trial and error but it might work for you, too.
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