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I have a client who has been with me for 2 months and the Google rankings were doing really great. A lot of our keywords are already at the 2nd page of Google.

Suddenly, in the span of 3 days, we received more than 600 unknown backlinks which are automated links. Random anchor texts from random websites. The website got penalized immediately and fell out of top 500 rankings of Google.

I have disavowed the links. How long do you guys think before we can bounce back?
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    Oh, oh, oh... I know the answer...
    Only Mr. G. knows when things will happened.

    Does it answer your question?

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      That's why i'm asking here to look for people with the same experience. Rather than being rude, why don't you actually answer questions you know the answer to?
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        Originally Posted by Jamie Cordon View Post

        Rather than being rude, why don't you actually answer questions you know the answer to?
        Because there is no answer.
        Sure you want to hear something all those wannabes "pro SEOs" vomiting in every post,
        trying to make us to believe they know what they are talking about but as I've said, nobody
        really knows what is going on inside of SERP and why sites are jumping up and down.

        G. is operating in it's mysterious ways and there is nothing anyone can do. Simply put:
        take it or leave it and if you don't like how it does things, switch to Bing or whatever you like.

        Now, like it or not this is your answer. You won't get any better and surely an honest one
        from people who are claiming they know the reason. Well, don't hold you breath, you won't
        get any. You know why? They would be too busy operate cash register.

        So, just be patient sooner or later SERP stop it dance and your site will be back and if
        not, then take it from somebody who had directory in my signature in #1 10 years ago
        and now just below top 50 for the same KW, you will survive.

        Did I mentioned, we're not rude, we're honest.

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    The website would not suffer immediately.

    The website would barely, if ever, suffer.

    IF the site was anything meaningful.

    Every site, big and small, gets those links.

    Google is not as stupid as some self-proclaimed SEO experts (who take clients) are.

    Disavow is a complete waste of time.

    Since you don't know will be quite busy, running on the hamster wheel of google.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    . Rather than being rude, why don't you actually answer questions you know the answer to?

    Wait a day or two and the thread will have many replies - from those quoting one site or another or giving pat answers they read elsewhere. The answers won't be right but they will be polite....

    What experienced members are saying is that there is no answer - no one here can speak for google or predict what google will do.

    Sometimes the answer isn't what you want to hear - but may be what you need to hear.
    Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world will change forever for that one dog.

    You should always be yourself...unless you can be a Unicorn. Then you should always be a Unicorn.
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    Don't panic. Wait a week or so and see what happens. Often if you get a bunch of links quickly Google will drop you down for a while and then put you back up, often higher than before.
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