How to control the sitelinks in Google SERPS?

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When you enter our brand name I am getting the wrong sitelinks to show up. How to control this?

Is there a way to remove the existing ones? Is there a way to make it so that the site links that I want to show up there really shows up there?

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    What do you mean by "wrong"?
    If they are your site's hyper links, then why would they be wrong?

    If you don't like where they are pointing to, then delete them or replace with links to pages
    you need/like to popup in SERP other than that, there is nothing else you can do.

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    You can disavow links what you don't want to keep.
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    So what I mean is that Google picks up links that I do not want to show in the sitelinks. For example privacy policy is showing up which is not the ideal link to show in a site link. So i want to know how to control the links that shows in google sitelinks? What is the best way? cheers Chloe

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    According to Google, they are automated and there is little you can do to control them -
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    One thing is for sure man, that you're doing some things right that's resulting in your sitelinks being featured in the SERPs. Because, previously, Google has clearly stated that they only show sitelinks to a particular site if they fnd those links useful to the search query and also if the website has good enough architecture for Google to find the sitelinks and place them in the SERP.
    You need ti understand that they are purely auto-generated; its not that you can log in to Search Console and just flip a switch to change them.
    Try bettering the links on your homepage and make sure they are directed to the page you want them to land on. do not try to "control" any of this. And no, there is no possible way for you to "remove" the sitelinks.
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