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I was looking my competitor and found that he is repeating content in website but still on top in ranking.

Is this a good strategy to rank your website?

I see its two comparison pages where he just change overview paragraph and then whole content is same in both blogs.

i.e I write 2 blogs (SEO vs SEM) and (SEM vs SEO) with same comparison details just change the introduction paragraph.
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    Well i think it has some sort kind of trick i dont think its good to repeat content

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    SLIPPERY SLOAP I wouldn't abuse that too much . I have a few competitors doing that too much but I envisage a not so bright future for them. They use the same content and only change some words that usually constitute the second word in the keyword and it is a location (town / area) . Like flowers new york , flowers new jersey .. etc
    Repeating content is definitely not good but if you site is not too spammy and your links are ok you can repeat it a few times and get away with it I guess.
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    Repeating content is not good for a website as long as I know. Google always gives priority to the quality contents and they must be unique. Otherwise, Google will penalize that site.
    It is not a true strategy to rank in Google. You can use others' content only to improve your idea not to do anything else.
    So, avoid repeating content.
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    As an SEO Expert this does not make sense, the title does not really affect, and by the way you said it your competitor is using your content more wisely by adding keywords to it.

    and this is not right.
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    Very good I think this is a short Method to rank the keyword
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    If he has the same content but different titles, it's still duplicate content. Not the best thing to follow. If I were you, I'd check the quality of my website, since such trash site is ranking higher.
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    As well as I know Duplicating content is against Google policies. you need to write new paragraphs for each page and add your keywords in that. instead of just changing the page Titles. and the site you mentioned they may be ranking for different purposes rather than the duplicate content.
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    According to my experience, it is not a good practice.
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    From my SEO knowledge and expert, repeated content is not good for the website. But we have said that you write 2 blogs, with the same comparison but change the introduction it I think doesn't really matter, it makes sense and your content should be eye catchy and interesting so that more users view & read your blog and promote them. More traffic to your blog and that really good.
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    No. this is not good practice. Google give tank them by mistake and once they will be caught and lose the rank soon.

    what you can do try to inform search engine that the are using copy pieces of content.

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    Yes, it is not a good way to rank your website on google.
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    It's highly advisable for you to NOT look at what that person is doing and do our own thing. Nobody knows a fixed way of how Google's algo works, other than Google itself. So, whatever's working for him, might not work for you. There's a big chance you might also get penalized. If you start doing this, you'll be walking on thin ice.
    Instead, do the wise thing and focus on producing fresh, unique and niche-related content regularly. And you'll be good to go.
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    I checked on some sites, they just used the same content by changing little bit description only and they are getting rank.

    I think it is correct said by @fastreplies
    "You can do whatever you want with your own content in your own site.
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    I sure his have a good User Experience (low bounce rate)
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    This works for multiple location targeting. The more you can change the better, but at a minimun I suggest you change the title, opening paragraph, image file names and alt text, page metatags and last paragraph.
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    by the sounds of things your competitor optimized updated his page with relevant new information. Some times all it it takes is minor optimization tweaks to improve your ranking. It could be things like getting a better web-hosting sdervice removing thin outdated content and plug ins ,compressing images . Run a test on your site using pingdom to get an update on what needs to be improved.
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    Hi Justin,

    Not really. Authentic, unique content works best.

    I suspect he may have some quality backlinks.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    For the long term, it is not good.
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    As an SEO Expert this does not make sense, when we can change title and litle bit description then it really affect.
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    Google never like duplicate content so this is not a good thing for seo. Don,t do negative seo try to update blogs etc with unique and quality content.
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