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Hi folks,

I am just wondering if this strategy works. How about using the primary keyword along with our brand name everywhere we mention "vertigo tiles" where vertigo is our brand name and tiles is our primary keyword. Will this help us to recognise and relate our website to rank better for primary keyword?

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    No, but it will help you rank better when people type in your brand name and "tiles". I suppose it will help you rank better for "tiles" compared to if you didn't use the word "tiles" after your brand name, as well.
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    Certainly it doesn't help for your primary kw to rank.
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    If you want to rank your primary keyword, then you have to use it uniquely. Because its not common to search anything by using brand name.
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    Yes, I suggest to use "Vertigo tiles", "tiles", etc ... have a mix of different keywords in your SEO campaign. It will help in anchor diversity. If your link profile looks unnatural then you are setting up yourself for a penalty.
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    No it won't help your primary keyword to get good ranking but it will help you in anchor diversity and your brand will start appearing in search results.
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    This will not help because always your primary key words need to be first as people will not generally type brand name before you key word. Use it in your website will help you better.
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    You can make title and meta with keyword and brand name. It will help proper online branding.
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  • Yes!!!!! you can use keyword and brand name simultaneously
    this way you can get optimize your website as fast as possible.
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    In my opinion if you will use "vertigo tiles" as a primary keyword then it is a good way of creating brand awareness but for future this keyword will be established and it might happen that people will think that you only provide tiles service.
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    Combining your Primary Keyword i.e "vertigo" with other keywords like "tiles" will NOT help your primary keyword in ranking better. What this will result in is that whenever someone searches for the primary keyword along with the other keyword, your rank will be good. But NOT for your primary keyword singularly.
    To make your primary keyword rank better, you'll have to add it in your content at various places but organically.
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    Primary keyword is the most important key-word on an internet page.The primary keyword ought to be blanketed in a site's name and domain in addition to in its content.
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