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I have this site: https://www.arbejdspsykolog.com/

which has been on the frontpage for keyword "psykolog horsens" for a long time. But suddenly it is down to page 9 and 10.

It looks fine for other keywords though "erhvervspsykolog horsens" and "arbejdspsykolog horsens". (Business psychologist) (horsens is the town of the business).

It is almost like the site has been penalized on that particular keyword and it happened around the time Mobile first was implemented.

But Google test says that the site is ok for mobile. No messages in Search console or Analytics. No malware and loadspeed is ok. Just a sudden drop.

When I test (https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly?) I get different results. Sometimes 0 errors, sometimes 10 and 14, but mostly (atm) only 3 to 4 elements that is not loaded. Sems very unstable. And when I correct them new ones will appear...

All 3 sites has around 40 backlinks and this one has 3 dead backlinks which I guess Google will notice at some point. The rest of the links are known and good.

It is a WordPress site and all plugins seems to work ok. There are a few older ones but they are also used at the other sites.

I have 2 other sites ranking nicely at pos 2 and 7 (atm) for the same keyword Psykolog Horsens - AnnaDreyer.dk & sarahkamphoevener.dk)

It is a high competition keyword but I made it to page 1 with 2 sites and believe it is possible to make it to page 1 with this site also. Positioned at page 9-10 in serps seems unrealistic as most of the first 10 pages has never been close to optimization and is more or less irrelevant for that search.

BUT Im pretty much out of ideas now....

Any ideas are wellcome :-)
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