Multiple links from same domain (different pages) considered in credibility of backlinks?

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Let's say there are multiple backlinks from different pages of same domain to different pages of other domain like below:

Website A: Page 1 -----------> Website B: Page 1

Website A: Page 2 -----------> Website B: Page 2

Do the pages of Website B pages will get backlinks authority equally or they don't get much backlinks impact as they have multiple backlinks from same domain?

There were old school stories that Google ignores second link from same domain.....etc... So, please suggest on this.

Thank you.

Note: The question is NOT about content relevancy or domain authority score of the backlinks.
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    Really the google ignores second link for same domain
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    Are these sites related somehow?
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    you can get the Website B pages backlinks equally. Because people search about your company also so if the more backlinks for your company of about the product page the better your website will come on the top of the search engine page.
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    If Google understands that two websites are yours, then you will penalty from be careful
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    The truth is that your website B can't have high DA.
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    you may be penalize
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  • Profile picture of the author bangthetable
    One of the things that Google looks at and factors into the algorithm is domain diversity. Essentially, the concept is that 10 links from 10 domains would be more valuable as a ranking factor than 10 links from one domain.
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    It will accept the link but the score of the link will not change.
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