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I have a site on WIX and want to change it to a Wordpress site away from Wix. If I do, will my SEO rankings be adversely affected? If so, anyway to prevent?

Thank you in advance.
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    You will have better luck talking to wordpress support. Ask them how you can transfer without effecting the present urls.
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    keep the same URL structure it will be fine. In your case you are even switching the platform (wix to Wordpress). You can tried this automated migration solutions to prevent the effects.

    Hope this will help.
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  • You can redirect your site urls to another domain and paste all of your data to new domain.its not drop your ranking but somehow may it disturb because of redirects.
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    I Recommend For contact your WordPress support Center.
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    I think if you are not a technical person then take a help of technical person as that is your effort and you don't want them to wasted
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    I have heard that WIX websites have problems with SEO seriously. However if your URL structure changes, you will need to 301 your all your old urls to new ones.
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    We have done many such changes and it is possible to avoid the SEO mistakes most commonly seen in such transfers. You need to know what you are doing or it could be very risky. Personally I would avoid such a change if at all possible. Having said that the SEO potential or WordPress is much better.
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    You can use the redirection URL methode.
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    It can effect little.
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    It is sure that the ranking of your website is going to change but you can turn it in your favor. Yes, if you plan the things well, make a proper sheet of urls ranking with the keywords ( you can take help of Webmaster Central) and accordingly plan a good content strategy.

    Simultaneously, work on creating backlinks for your new pages. Go for proper navigation, build strong inner links and create great content. Don't forget proper on page SEO and you will see the results better than your old website.

    Good luck and don't worry!
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    SEO works with accumulation of time, changing pages is almost like starting over, there are ways to go around it but it is definitely complicated not to experience any variation and decrease in performance, at least at the beginning
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  • Hi upmatthews, If you go with same URLs structure and didn't find so much change in your site. But one great thing is that when you change your site from Wix to Wordpress, you have better options to get high rank with Wordpress plugins like Yoast, All-in-one-SEO and others.
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    First 15 days your ranking may be fluctuated but it will be stable if you try to keep same permalinks or urls structure. After shifting Wix to Wordpress, you can apply 301 redirection if you get 404 page error.
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    Keep the same url structure, other wise you will have many 404s
    In case new website is not the same structure, you have to redirect 301 for every individual page.
    If you do it right, ranking will be the same.
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    Depends mostly on your existing link profile. If you don't have any inbound links, still fix the redirects for sure though as others have suggested.

    It's a good housekeeping step for sure, but without links a Wix site probably won't rank for much anyway unless it's a very low competition term.

    If you're concerned about a low competition term, there's a million different ways a good SEO could get the ranking back in a few days with access to all the control WordPress offers. Switching is the right move for sure in the long-term.

    Blake Akers

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  • If you keep your url same then it doesn't hurt much otherwise it will be great harm in the ranking of your website
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    Hi there,

    It is advised to keep the URL structure and placement of content the same with the same interlinking. Also keep in touch with wordpress support for better seo guidelines.
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    It will be very good and achieve unexpected results for you. Wordpress is great for SEO. What you need to do is:

    1. If possible, keep the most important URLs on your page
    2. Any URL that cannot be kept, you can use 301 redirects, Wordpress has this plugin that is very easy to use.

    If this conversion is successful, in about 3 weeks to 1 month your rankings will gradually recover and sometimes will increase significantly.

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    Do keep url structure same it won't effect any thing and make sure the content are same it must not be different
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  • To maintain your SEO ranking, you need to use your same url structure.... search online about its procedure...
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  • You can hire any website developer expert so that it can change your Wordpress site away from Wix without affecting SEO ranking on your pages.
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    If you keep the URL structure the same or redirect URLs clearly, you would be fine. You may see a temporary drop in rankings, but that should be recovered in couple of months or so.
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    I just consolidated two websites.
    10 years old and two years old.
    The new website used shopify theme, so it's not the same structure with the old one.
    I have to pull out the sitemap of old website, then redirect 301 for every single url to new one. I still got around two hundreds 404 for unexpected urls.
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  • The most important thing to audit is the list of the inbound links coming to your site. This is important because it's the biggest SEO ranking factor and when changing domain names you want to minimize losing any good links. Outside of changes to content, keyword usage and incoming links, common changes to a web site that affect search engine visibility in the websites.
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    Wix and wordpress have different url structure.
    You need to list all url (pull out from sitemap) from old site and 301 redirect to new url.
    Kept tracking 404, which are generated from other urls not listed in the sitemap, then 301 to relevant urls.

    This will not affect your ranking.
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