SEO consequences of replacing all content on a domain?

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Hi everyone I'm planning to buy a domain and turn it into a commercial landing page targeting keywords where I think I can overtake the competition. As a beginner I'm worried either the keyword or my website is going to flop so I don't want to keep buying domains every time a it fails. I'd like to just use another theme on that page and try to rank with it again.

I will be staying in the same niche using a universal domain as example "gadgetsplanet" that might sell cameras but later I might remove the theme and make one for laptops instead and just keep trying until I'm ranking well. Will this hurt my SEO?
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    The theme makes little or no difference to SEO, other than you should choose a theme which is good for your visitors, such as making internal navigation clear and easy.

    If you are going to replace the actual content on Pages or Posts, it's OK to do that if you keep the title and URL the same. If you are going to delete a Page or Post, make sure you redirect the old URL to the most relevant new URL.

    For choosing keywords for best SEO results . . . KWFinder gives the most accurate SEO Difficulty info, so find keywords with at least 500 global monthly searches and the lowest SEO Difficulty you can. Use UberSuggest to find more related keywords to check.

    Make sure most of your web-pages have at least 2,400 words, and content that is BETTER than your competition.

    Hope that helps.

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    The theme SEO are not related so feel free to use whatever theme you want but you must also invest in SEO to improve ranking.
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