How a 6 Billion Dollar Company Does Outreach (One E-Mail at A Time)

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A few days ago there was a lot of chatter about the Canva SEO case study article.

I wanted to break something down in it. While their silos are cool, I'm more interested in their outreach. Systematizing outreach is something I've been focused on this year.

Seems they have about 75 inhouse SEOs. I imagine many of them are running constant outreach.

So, here's an example of some of their outreach, I think it's done decently.

However, there's a couple things I do differently.
  1. I don't usually lead with fake empathy. I see it a lot, but I don't do it. You want a link and you've sent a thousand of these emails, just be honest. I think people's BS detectors are just too high these days.
  2. Dropping a URL in the first message seems risky. Could it affect deliverability? I'm very careful of not burning my email addresses and keeping deliverability high, I don't do this either.
  3. I usually hammer the first line with a lot of personalization. I try to answer this question for the reader first, "Is this e-mail spam?" ... Maybe that's why I skip the "How are you doing?" stuff.

h/t Ross Simmonds @ Foundationinc - case study is called "The Canva Backlink Empire"
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  • Interesting! I have recently studied how Canva has built a gigantic backlink empire through its outreach team.
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