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Hello , Everybody hope you all doing great and having a healthy life.
I am doing Off-page Seo for about 3 month for a website.
Basically just back linking through different procedures like :
1. Social Bookmarking
2. Directory submission
3. Local business listing
4. Classified
I do a lot of other thing like forum posting and only mailing different websites for guest posting i do backlink audit and keyword search and know how to check keyword ranking.
My question is that all of these thing are really easy to do all you need is to find websites to do it am i really doing something progressive am i learning something or my boss is only trying waste my time.
Ya one thing this website is getting back link because when i came there is only 13 or 14 back link and only this website is having 96 baclink.
Please i want serious answer.
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    Very little of what you are doing is going to have any positive effect on rankings.

    An algorithm that heavily weighs backlinks (like Google's) did it because other sites INTENTIONALLY linking to your site meant that someone at that other site decided your site was so good, they were willing to send people away from their site to check yours out. That's a pretty solid endorsement!

    Social bookmarking, directory links, local business listings and classifieds are not that. Nobody at the other site made a decision to link to your site. You placed the link yourself. No search engine values those links. The algorithms know the difference.

    Simple Rule #1 ... if you can go to another website and place a link to your website on it without the other website having to approve it or place it themselves, it is a worthless backlink.

    Simple Rule #2 ... if it's easy, it's probably a waste of time. (This rule applies to almost everything in life.)
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      What should i learn to become good seo expert?
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        Read posts on Bruce Clay's site.

        Or backlinko.com

        Originally Posted by Amirsohel12 View Post

        What should i learn to become good seo expert?
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        Originally Posted by Amirsohel12 View Post

        What should i learn to become good seo expert?
        1. How to make best testing coffee to stay awake for hours.
        2. Be prepared to spend hours to learn how to outhustle competitors.
        3. Learn SEO by using your own mistakes and not some losers.
        4. If you should be lucky to learn new tricks, keep them to yourself.
        5. Grasp and then contain knowledge that you will never outsmart Google

        I'm sure DABK and other have something "helpful" to add to 'how to' list...

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    Hey man, nothing is a waste of time if you are giving your all into it. Keep investigating, keep on trying new things eventually you will get the hang of it, and yes try acquiring niche related backlinks to your site.
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