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Hi Everyone,

I have a couple of articles on which I have some internal links towards other articles.

My questions are the following:
  1. Are the links in the header menu or the footer of the page take away from the juice of the article by spreading it?
  2. Do the outbound links coming out of my article, do they have any impact on spreading the link juice of my internal links?

Thank you in advance for your valuable inputs.
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    If you look at it like this:

    If you write a article. Make sure to get backlink from relevant domains with keywords in the domain or URL. Your links is not relevant for link juice. Backlinks are.
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      Thank you for your input. I'm aware that the backlinks are what give juice to these articles.

      So having said that, an article has a backlink that is passing juice to it, and with internal linking I can pass that to another article.

      Knowing this, will the other links on the page like the menu, footer affect this link juice?
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        No not that i know of. But there are If you have a do follow link this will pass your link juice to the relative page. If you have a no follow it wont pass on your link juice
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    The link juice will spread to the relative pages of your website. And, the more you link to a particular page, the more juice it will get. Backlinks are essential for link juice, so make sure that you link to high authority sites.
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      I get the feeling that you didn't even read my question.

      I'm asking whether the internal links from my menu and footer if they will spread the link juice of my article, that's what I'm asking
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  • Link Juice is not a rocket science, most people use Default Home page instead of Static URL, then firstly they make Backlink for their Home page in this way The link Juice pass over to each article as Home Page Connected to every article, Internal Linking has huge importance for the Link Juice. Olansi Air Purifier
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