So how will bloggers be able to deal with Google's New Helpful Content Update?

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Hey guys, I got this update from Yoast this morning:

looking at the requirements, I am not seeing how especially content writers/bloggers will be able to do this. For example, I am a pc repair tech and was thinking of blogging but I cannot find hardly anything which hasn't been written about in my niche.

There are lots of articles which covers everything in pc repair so nothing new for someone unless every whenever when one new thing might pop up like a new virus or something and by the time I should find out about it and write about it the net would already have been flooded with the same info. I imagine it will be the same in most niches.
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    After reading the linked-to piece, it doesn't seem like anything has changed, other than Google is trying to get their algorithms to do a better job at weeding out the bad content.

    Seems like a good thing. Just because others have written about something doesn't mean you can't do it better. If their algorithm works the way they want it to (it probably won't), the best content will appear at the top of the SERPs.

    From day one of our course and the many different iterations of it over the years, we have always stressed to people that when they write about a product/subject/service, they should try to make it so comprehensive that there will be no reason for someone to click elsewhere, looking for more information or something missing from your article or product description. Seems like Google is saying the same thing.
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    There are a few ways to come up with ideas

    1 You can browse other blogs and go into more depth on a topic or sub topics .

    2 Try not to be so broad but niche down on topics that aren't being covered

    3 You can write opinion pieces

    4 Look for needs with in your niche that aren't being met and write about them .

    5 You can write specifically about old outdated pc equipment etc ..
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    Thank you very much guys. These people here making it extremely difficult for me to blog about anything on my site:

    They seem to cover every major topic fo my pc repair services and to me their blogs are all very accurate and on point.
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      They do not have your point of view, your style, your price point.

      I told you somewhere else: start "Ask the Expert" posting. Invite quitestions, and answer them.

      In the meantime, if you have a guy in Queens coming with some issues to you, you could write about that guy (without giving away his name, unless you have written permission).

      Emphasize something, even if the other people already mentioned.

      Think unique selling proposition. You're not better, faster. You're different.

      Figure out what those other people do, compare to what you do, Write about the differences.

      Not in your field, so I cannot give examples except for one:

      Once upon a time, I hired a guy to build me a desktop computer. He did. About a year later, something broke. That guy had moved out of my area, so I hired someone else to fix my computer.

      I got a call from this someone the day after I dropped of my computer with him. He said: The guy who built your computer, he was Russian, wasn't he?

      That was true. I asked, "How did you know?"

      He knew because Russian computer makers put a screw in a place that makes no sense to him, makes it hard for him to get to some part of the computer that, apparently, breaks often.

      This guy could write a post about how some people build computers with a screw in the wrong place. That's one of his differences.

      It does not have to be better. It has to be a difference.

      Have you ever noticed that often you can find a gas stations across the street from another one and both attract lots of clients?

      A bank across the street from another bank and neither has gone out of business in decades?

      They have differences... Well, people perceive differences is a better way to say it.

      Because some of the differences have to do with how people feel about these businesses.

      Some people will tell you that Gas Station A has friendlier employees while some will tell you that Gas Station B has friendlier employees.

      How can both groups be right?

      Friendlier is subjective, two people could have the exact same thing happen to them and come up with two different opinions.

      So, write about you and your processes and the topic.

      These other people you link to have this:
      "SEO can be a daunting task for business owners who are just starting. There are many things to learn and so much that can go wrong. However, with the right tips and guidance, you can get started with SEO and see positive results for your business. And this article will teach you the basics, from keyword research to on-page optimization. So if you want your website to rank higher on search engine results pages, read on for some helpful tips."

      in one of their latest posts.

      From the start, you know they're not doing offpage.

      They have a section on site structure... all fluff. You don't give them fluff, cover, instead, Silo structures, for instance.

      C'mon, man. Just because they have a topic covered and the article is long and broken neatly into sections with nice titles doesn't mean anything.

      The article covers a lot of things in a couple of short paragraphs. They really do not help you get started with SEO. You can have an article on each of their topics in the article I am talking about... you'll end up with at least 9 articles covering just the surface of what they left out. (This is the link to the article I'm mentioning:

      Don't get scared, think.

      You can use them for article ideas: like I said, you can get at least 9 articles based on their section titles alone.

      Originally Posted by mikehende View Post

      Thank you very much guys. These people here making it extremely difficult for me to blog about anything on my site:

      They seem to cover every major topic fo my pc repair services and to me their blogs are all very accurate and on point.
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    EAT, combined with kw variations and 'unique info' that are not in other urls , I think that kinda content will win. Especially with a lot of AI content that only generates based on top 10 in serp. lol

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    A LOT here for me to consider, thanks! Will go through it SLOWLY.
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    Did I miss the part in the linked-to original article where Google said that only one piece of content was going to show up in their search engine?

    While we all aspire to have URLs in the #1 position, #2, #3, #4 isn't all that bad!
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    Google's Helpful Content Update didn't show much impact on Search Results. I think Google wanted to inform Bloggers to stay focused on the niches in which they are experts.

    Google does not want too many niches in a single blog just for the hope of gaining more traffic unless the author is an expert in each topic.
    Do you think templates play a role in gaining more search traffic?
    Also the bloggers must optimize their blog template more search engine friendly.

    Optimize Blogger Template for more google traffic
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    When I create content, the first thing I set up is Keyword, yes KEYWORD!

    Keywords are the main key so that your blog can dominate Google.

    (edit to remove promotional sentence)
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    I had tried a KGR gig from Fiverr but the guy could not get good KGR keywords for my niche [computer repair].
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    Yeah, I personally think it's just Google's way of warning creators using automated content generation tools. As far as search rankings and traffic goes, we actually haven't noticed a change in either.
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